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"The Simple Life" (2003)
USA / English
"They lived on a farm, they worked for a living , they lead the simple life... but can they do it again "
Paris and Nicole accept various internships along the east coast. Hilarity ensues as the girls leave their limos behind, and travel by Greyhound Bus.
Paris Hilton Herself (50 episodes, 2003-2007)
Nicole Richie Herself (50 episodes, 2003-2007)
Director: Kasey Barrett,Alicia Bean
Producer: Ross Breitenbach,Adam Cohen,Jerry D'Alessandro,Ben Salter,Scott Vila,Nicole Vorias,Alissa Vradenburg
Writer: Brian Caldirola,Jeff Fisher
The Simple Life is just the 2 Stooges for the Y Generation.
Nearly every review of the Simple Life misses its essence -- its a staged show. ALL reality shows are in fact staged, with a script. The "reality" part is a bit of improv. allowance, and the illusion that its really happening.

The Simple Life is just as staged as the Lucy show in that generation. Most of the jokes are already written. All the bits, even down to Nicole's purse getting stolen, are staged. If the girls did some of this stuff in real life, they know they would at least get a misdemeanor offense. Instead, a little town is signed up to play along with the jokes and pretend.

The moral condemnation of Paris and Nicole, as spoiled rich girls with low IQs, is just what the producers want adults to think. Any kid with a brain knows they are just goofing off, and its no more real than the Three Stooges. Relax, folks, the stealing and lying and screw ups are all jokes.

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Imdb rating: 3.5
Musician: Adam Sanborne
Running time: 30 min
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