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Pucked (2006)
USA / English
Jon Bon Jovi Frank
Estella Warren Jessica
David Faustino Carl
Curtis Armstrong Janitor
Nora Dunn Leona
Cary Elwes Norman
Pat Kilbane Elvis
Scott Ashburn Linesman
Dana Barron Tiny
Angela Bennett Valerie
Kimberly Bergen Fearsome Fox
Kate Bradley Brittany
Derrick Brady Medic #1
Chris Carrara Street Hood
Sal Catalano Detective Ferretti
Samson Crouppen Fan #1
William Dozier Mr. Rock
Nicole Eichten Fearsome Fox
Hubert Elder Jr. Linesman
Gizza Elizondo Salina
Jonathan Furr Nick
Pam Galle Ms. Melvin
Zac Gardner Stanley (as Zachary Gardner)
Cari Ginger Cashier
Jay Greenberg Bailiff
Heidi Hawking Hockey girl
Mark D. Headen Juror #9
Jennifer Hudson Almighty Swan
Danielle James Danielle
Christy Johnson Fearsome Fox
Dot Jones Wendy Delvecchio
Emily Kent Glenda
Jeremy Kollar Fan #2
Crystal Largen Fearsome Fox
Dave MacDonald Referee
Tom Madsen Swans Head Coach
Kerry Maher Man One
Ed Mantell Background extra
Tonya Miles Fearsome Fox
Jennifer Morgan Court Clerk
Tina Murphy Ticket Holder
Melody Plowden Almighty Swan
Mark Povinelli Vincent
Donna Marie Riddle Fearsome Fox
Lauren Rivera Fearsome Fox
Ty Schimek Warren
J.D. Shapiro Alan
Gwynne Simonds Almighty Swan
William Stine Hockey Fan
Parker Webb Skip
Al Wiggins Judge Woolsey
Daniel Williard Hockey Fan
Sean Wingate Mr. Jeffrey
Director: Arthur Hiller
Producer: William R. Greenblatt,Matty Simmons,Phil Smoot
Writer: Matty Simmons,William Dozier
Such a horrible movie full with clichés. Of course the ending is so the be known when the movie starts.

The drivers license read 123456789 as registration number come on put some effort in a movie instead of taking the first inspireless story you can think of.

All the characters are so stereo typed it will make you cry to start off with. Let alone the plot. If you just wanted to star in a movie as being john bon jovi you could have also chosen to be in a random low budget movie which would actually come out nicer.Can't imagine that he really would like to be associated with this movie. Maybe a thing he might wanna forget soon and focus on music again?

Seen it:Nej
Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 4.0
Musician: Stewart Copeland
Running time: 83 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [Swedish]
Everything else:
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