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Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (1985)
USA / English
"Watch out! They've got to clean up the worst crime district in the world. But that's no problem. They're the worst police force in the universe. "
When a new gang moves into town it's up to the screwball police team to stop them.
Steve Guttenberg Officer Carey Mahoney
Bubba Smith Officer Moses Hightower
David Graf Officer Eugene Tackleberry
Michael Winslow Officer Larvell Jones
Bruce Mahler Officer Douglas Fackler
Marion Ramsey Officer Laverne Hooks
Colleen Camp Sgt. Kathleen Kirkland
Howard Hesseman Capt. Peter 'Pete' Lassard
Art Metrano Lt. Mauser
George Gaynes Cmdt. Eric Lassard
Bob Goldthwait Zed
Julie Brown Chloe
Peter Van Norden Sgt. Vinnie Schtulman
Tim Kazurinsky Sweetchuck
Ed Herlihy Dooley
Director: Jerry Paris
Producer: Paul Maslansky
Writer: Neal Israel,Pat Proft
I laughed at this film and I am ashamed...
I feel ashamed and slightly unclean to admit that I actually laughed heartily at this film. Seventeen times in fact. I used to get really irritated at the cheesiness and the unsophisticated comedy of the Police Academy movies. Of particular annoyance in this film was the bit where the gang smashes up and robs a supermarket, the till assistant calling after them: "Oh, excuse me, sir, you forgot your stamps." Because, of course, a cashier in that situation wouldn't say that, and so all reality is lost. But who cares? Maybe I've just got older and less likely to worry, but this movie is so bad it's tremendous entertainment. Peter Van Norden is a particular standout as the gross-out cop who eats anything, be it cereal with a cat turd in it, or a chocolate bar covered in ants. The scene where he plays catch with his dog in heavy traffic had me in hysterics.

The humour is broader and coarser than in the (relatively) understated and character-based original, but this is funnier. I even cracked up at Michael Winslow's "badly dubbed Bruce Lee", fresh and amusing here, not so funny when he did it again in the next four movies. Not only that, but Mauser is sparkier than Captain Harris. There is a vague social commentary running through the piece as several of the senior officers have subtle racist attitudes. As the six academy graduates are the "heroes", or at least the ones we're supposed to identify with, then their revenge is a telling blow against blinkered attitudes. Winslow does his sounds purely for vengeance, while Guttenberg uses a form of superglue on Art Metrano after he makes a bigoted remark. A Chinese chef's comment about "you want stir fry?" over a goldfish and some minor gay jokes might be questionable, but generally this is, at heart, a fairly liberal picture.

Yes, I laughed at a Police Academy movie. Thankfully, the sense of shame and self-revulsion didn't trouble me for any of the other sequels, all of which are about as funny as genital herpes. 6/10.

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Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 4.7
Musician: Robert Folk
Running time: 87 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]; Stereo [English]
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