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Out for Blood (2004)
USA / English
"It takes one to kill one. "
A police detective is investigating some mysterious disappearances and uncovers a horrible truth.
Kevin Dillon Hank Holten
Vanessa Angel Susan Hastings
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe Layla Simmons
Lance Henriksen Captain John Billings
Kenneth Colom Alex
Alex McArthur Jake Vincent
Ismail Kanater Vampire Leader
Jim Ortlieb Doctor Blake
Melissa Rivers Talk Show Host
Adrian N. Roberts Security Guard #1
Nick Stellate Security Guard #2
Jody Hart Cop #1
Gary J. Wayton Cop #2 (as Gary Wayton)
Matt McKenzie Jogger
Rob Tepper Junkie
Director: Richard Brandes
Producer: Richard Brandes
Writer: Richard Brandes
Bloody Awful
This film is bad, bad, bad. It is so absolutely moronic it is an insult to the viewer. If you need to know how bad an actress Vanessa Angel is in this film she makes Kevin Dillon look good! Thats how bad she is. She says her lines if someone is holding a big board with all the words behind the camera, in big letters. OK maybe she knew how bad this film is but she could have least looked like shes trying. Lance Henrikson at least tries to add some quality to the film although it doesn't deserve it. I have seen only about three Kevin Dillon films in my life Platoon, Catholic Boys and No Escape. This is the first film I have seen him in about ten years if this is the sort of rubbish he is making I hope its another ten years. They even have the nerve to steal a line from Total Recall in this movie, a very famous line! If you want to see a decent Vampire film put The Lost Boys in your DVD player instead. Avoid this the lame effort.

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 3.6
Musician: Steve Gurevitch
Running time: 95 min
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