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Off the Map (2003)
USA / English
"A Very Powerful Place "
An 11-year-old girl watches her father come down with a crippling depression. Over one summer, she learns answers to several mysteries and comes to terms with love and loss.
Amy Brenneman Adult Bo
Valentina de Angelis Young Bo
Joan Allen Arlene
Sam Elliott Charley
J.K. Simmons George
Boots Southern Rusty
J.D. Garfield Romero
Jim True-Frost William Gibbs
Matthew E. Montoya Store Clerk
Kathy Griego Consuela
William Hart McNicholas Interpreter
Timothy Martinez Priest
J.D. Hawkins Jack
Kevin Skousen Don
Director: Campbell Scott
Producer: Campbell Scott,George VanBuskirk
Writer: Joan Ackermann,Joan Ackermann
Prozac Southwest
Worth watching, plain and simple.

I was torn somewhat between the precocious kid and the depressed dad. It was a little too much and yet the simple beauty of the New Mexico landscape offset their performance. A tighter conflict would have helped the pacing.

Everything seemed to balance itself out though, and most should find something to like about this movie.

I adore Joan Allen. She is built like a leading lady, looks, walks and talks like a leading lady yet is a great character actor as proved here. I had to look a little close to recognize her and I love that in great acting talent.

Sam Elliott, a veritable man's man, held steady. I think his effort was commendable though having been around persons afflicted with various types of depression, his seemed a bit vague, and uneven. It was like a functioning catatonia with bouts of chattering. I didn't get it. Since his mental illness was,in essence, the spine of the story, the spine was a bit bent. Still,handsome Sam is still watchable and worthy of our respect as he does not seem uncomfortable with his gray hairs or his wrinkles. Very anti-Hollywood.

Of the ensemble cast, I really enjoyed J.K. Simmons. Simmons who seems to have put most of the food on the table career-wise by playing nasties (especially in OZ) as well as disaffected authority figures, was refreshing as George, an everyman with a simpleness that was most enjoyable.

In closing, I think I would have liked the movie better if they had given proper treatment to the depressive issues affecting Charlie, Sam Elliott's character. Mental illness advocates might agree.

Still it was a bit like Walden Pond, New Mexico with more people.

Again, my criticisms aside, there is plenty to like about this. It's worth the time to watch this movie.

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Imdb rating: 7.3
Musician: Gary DeMichele
Running time: 105 min
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