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My Boss's Daughter (2003)
USA / English
"There are some things you just don't do. "
When a young man agrees to housesit for his boss, he thinks it'll be the perfect opportunity to get close to the woman he desperately has a crush on...
Ashton Kutcher Tom Stansfield
Tara Reid Lisa Taylor
Jeffrey Tambor Ken
Andy Richter Red Taylor
Michael Madsen T.J.
Jon Abrahams Paul
David Koechner Speed
Carmen Electra Tina
Kenan Thompson Hans
Patrick Cranshaw Old Man
Terence Stamp Jack Taylor
Molly Shannon Audrey Bennett
Mark Aisbett Commuter
Tyler Labine Spike
Ryan Zwick Delivery Boy
Director: David Zucker
Producer: John Jacobs,Gil Netter
Writer: David Dorfman
The tag line is: "There are some things you just don't do." Wacthing this movie is one of them
I saw the last bits of this movie a long time ago, and that's all I will ever need to see.

My Bosses Daughter stars Ashton Kutcher, who makes a bad name for himself in this film. He agrees to house-sit for his boss to meet his bosses daughter. (Hence the name.) I haven't seen the beginning, but what I have seen (Perhaps the last hour or so. I'm not sure.) I hated it.

I was at the age where I would laugh about about any comedy: Mr. Deeds, Bruce Almighty, The Waterboy, you name it. However, this wasn't funny at all. (Except for the ending.)

Why? First of all, the film hardly even makes any jokes! I just sat on the couch as Aston tries to romance the daughter. I remember one where the owl named OJ escaped and he yelled "O.J. escaped!" This scared a group of by standing girls. If you remember the O.J. Simpson trial, O.J. murdered his wife. But, who is going to remember that years from now? By then, it would be even less funnier then it already is.

The films degrades itself more by trying to make itself into a "sexy" film. This only brings it down. Why? The girl is hardly sexy. The most of her that we see is he underwear. It also makes the film look so corny and unrealistic. Or, maybe she just happens to enjoy stripping to music she considers sexy. Maybe she just happens to draw her friends naked. Surprisingly, this appeals more to women then men. (I guess they might enjoy these sort of comedies.)

It gets worse by delivering the cheesiest line in the history of cinema. It takes place when a robber points a gun at Ashton.

Ashton: *unzips pants* I've got a gun too, but you're just too afraid to use yours.

Robber: *runs away*

Bosses Daughter: That was so brave of you!

Why didn't the robber shoot? It would have ended the pain much quicker. I don't remember laughing at this part.

It even gets worse when the audience is given an unnecessary look at some guys butt. Apparently, it was a twist in the film. I don't remember ever seeing that much of the bosses daughter! However, the ending has some good psychical humor. But, it hardly redeems the horrid-ness of this movie.

Keep in mind, I liked many other comedies at the age I was when I saw this, but this was bad enough for even me to notice! (I never noticed the flaws in films.) It's hard to believe this film didn't get less then a 4.1.

Good: Well, some will enjoy its comedy and the exposure of women.

Bad: Corny, bad-acting, bad jokes, stupid, vulgar

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Imdb rating: 4.2
Musician: Teddy Castellucci
Running time: 90 min (R-rated version)
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