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Murderball (2005)
USA / English
A film about quadriplegics who play full-contact rugby in Mad Max-style wheelchairs - overcoming unimaginable obstacles to compete in the Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece.
Joe Bishop Himself
Keith Cavill Himself
Andy Cohn Himself
Scott Hogsett Himself
Christopher Igoe Himself
Bob Lujano Himself
Kevin Orr Himself
Joe Soares Himself
Dave Willsie Himself
Mark Zupan Himself
Director: Henry Alex Rubin,Dana Adam Shapiro
Producer: Jeffrey V. Mandel,Dana Adam Shapiro
Clearly one of the best films of the year
I had the good fortune to see Murderball at the 2005 Roger Ebert Overlooked Film Festival. It is quite possibly the greatest sports movie ever made, but it goes way beyond that. This documentary about Quadrapelic Soccer and the people who play the game works on so many levels. It's about friends, enemies, family and coping with and surviving personal tragedy.

The movie will make you laugh one minute and cry the next. It is having its official release in July of 2005. Whatever you do in your life, DON'T MISS THIS FILM. It will change you forever. This movie is incredible.

I will predict right now that MURDERBALL will be nominated for an Oscar in the Documentary category and I can't imagine it losing.

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Imdb rating: 8.0
Musician: Jamie Saft
Running time: 85 min / Australia
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