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Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005)
USA / English
A lonely shoe salesman and an eccentric performance artist struggle to connect in this unique take on contemporary life.
John Hawkes Richard Swersey
Miranda July Christine Jesperson
Miles Thompson Peter Swersey
Brandon Ratcliff Robby Swersey
Carlie Westerman Sylvie
Hector Elias Michael
Brad William Henke Andrew
Natasha Slayton Heather
Najarra Townsend Rebecca
Tracy Wright Nancy Herrington
JoNell Kennedy Pam
Ellen Geer Ellen
Colette Kilroy Sylvie's Mom
James Kayten Sylvie's Dad
Amy French Museum Assistant
Director: Miranda July
Producer: Gina Kwon
Writer: Miranda July
great movie, shoe salesman, funny artist, curious hilarious kids
Me and you... is the type of movie that you can come in at any point and get into the characters and the plot.I saw it at the U.S.A. Film Festival in Dallas.I missed the beginning,and I heard a few people walked out because of a soft porn scene.I absolutely loved the movie, the actors were perfect for the parts,all of them. I noticed that I was actually sitting next to John Hawke, who was very a funny, honest character.(He was laughing too)Expect to laugh,laugh,and giggle,I was very impressed.Miranda J. is brilliant,she is a really talented actress, who plays a quirky struggling artist,very funny.This movie touches on things that we think, and feel everyday,but are scared to tell.The characters do a great job of making you feel and love each and every one of them.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 7.5
Musician: Michael Andrews
Running time: 90 min
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