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Love Actually (2003)
UK / English
"Love actually is all around. "
Follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives in various loosely and interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England.
Bill Nighy Billy Mack
Gregor Fisher Joe
Rory MacGregor Engineer
Colin Firth Jamie Bennett
Sienna Guillory Jamie's Girlfriend
Liam Neeson Daniel
Emma Thompson Karen
Lulu Popplewell Daisy, her daughter
Kris Marshall Colin Frissell
Heike Makatsch Mia
Martin Freeman John
Joanna Page Just Judy
Chiwetel Ejiofor Peter
Andrew Lincoln Mark
Keira Knightley Juliet
Director: Richard Curtis
Producer: Tim Bevan,Eric Fellner,Duncan Kenworthy
Writer: Richard Curtis
The Ultimate Romantic Comedy: Served in a British Vein (Trying for Unspoiled, cannot guarantee - Actually!)
Any picture that can have me rooting for Rowan Atkinson (who I usually detest as Bean, actually) has to be very well-crafted for my part...

Rowan was the Angel Of Conscience in the film he helped the son of the just-widowered Liam Neeson's character by pass Customs to pursue true love of a little school-mate who happened to be a fine young Afro-American girl(this was where love did not know Race... Color-Blind), but he did everything to make Alan Rickman as the publisher think twice before he effed up his marriage for a bit of materialistic fluff! (The gift-wrapping sequence in the department store was annoying, hilarious and Bean-esque all at the same time w/o conflicting.. Amazing!!)

Bill Nighy as the old rocker who discovered platonic love was marvelous; Hugh Grant (brother of Rickman's wife in the flick) as the goofy good PM who effed up Billy Bob Thornton's "Bushy" prez was superb and I liked the girl from EastEnders as his love interest, it shows true love knows no class! Love knows no language was shown in Colin Firth's attraction to his Portuguese assistant when recovering from Romance betrayed - another aspect of love, actually...

Kiera Knightley and her weird triangle was a great twist, I thought the white guy had a crush on her husband not her! Ten stories linked in the weirdest ways and showing that love is Universal! As for the tunes, they were sublime and it was weird to see Bill Nighy's send-up really did do well in the UK Xmas charts! The Power of Love, actually!

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Imdb rating: 7.8
Musician: Craig Armstrong
Running time: 129 min (Toronto International Film Festival) / South Korea
Subtitles: Svenska
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