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Loose Change 2nd Edition (2006)
USA / English
An exploration of the viewpoint that the September 11, 2001 attacks were planned by the United States government.
Director: Dylan Avery
Producer: Dylan Avery,Jason Bermas
Writer: Dylan Avery,Jason Bermas
US government not willing to kill its own people?
I agree with several of the critics here that some of the allegations in this movie are preposterous. However, many of the people that has given the film such bad reviews seems to be the same danish guy over and over again. I cannot be a coincidence that several guys with danish sounding usernames have commented on the same movies in quite a number of incarnations.

The claim made by most critics is that the US government has high morals enough not to kill any of its own citizens. Even though many thousands US soldiers died in WW2, 58 000 US troops died in Vietnam, a number of US troops are still dying in Afghanistan and Iraq as we speak.

These are people, human beings, US citizens that dies because of decisions made by the US government. Inevitable you might say, but nothing is inevitable. Ever.

There are endless records where governments deceive their own population in order to mass support behind a war. It has been true in Nazi-Germany, in the U.K., in France during WW2, in Rwanda, Congo, Burma/Myanmar...

Check out Operation Northwoods and make up your own mind. It's on Wikipedia. Check out Operation Ajax, the CIA assisted coup in Chile 1973, the Iran-Contras deal, Nurse Nayirah in Gulf War I, the genocide that didn't take place in former Yugoslavia.

All which directly or indirectly have taken American lives. Do not think that you are spared.

As far as the movie goes, it is poorly referenced, some of the truths told are complete nonsense or exaggerations, but there are still things that DO NOT ADD UP in the official story.

I hope that you will watch this movie and make up your own mind. We learn from history that we have not learned from history. Sometimes the ignorance must stop, even in the greatest democracy of them all, selfrighteous pads on the back or not.

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