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Just Like Heaven (2005)
USA / English
"It's a wonderful afterlife. "
A lonely landscape architect (Ruffalo) falls for the spirit of beautiful woman (Witherspoon) who used to live in his new apartment.
Reese Witherspoon Elizabeth Masterson
Mark Ruffalo David Abbott
Donal Logue Jack Houriskey
Dina Spybey Abby Brody (as Dina Waters)
Ben Shenkman Dr. Brett Rushton
Jon Heder Darryl
Ivana Milicevic Katrina
Caroline Aaron Grace
Rosalind Chao Fran
Ron Canada Dr. Walsh
Willie Garson Maitre D'
Gabrielle Made Nurse Maria
William Caploe Nurse Bill
Shulie Cowen Nurse Jenny
Billy Beck Mr. Clarke
Director: Mark Waters
Producer: Laurie MacDonald,Walter F. Parkes
Writer: Peter Tolan,Leslie Dixon
Just Like Heaven is a cute romantic comedy with some minor flaws, but you quickly get past them
For a romantic comedy, I felt that this was one of the better one's. Reese and Mark are so adorable in this movie together and all you do is root for their characters for fall in love with each other because it's such a sweet story. I did have one problem that I felt was a plot hole, if Reese's character didn't remember who she was, how did she remember that she spilled cough syrup on her pillow? When you watch the film you'll understand. But besides that plot hole, I did enjoy watching the awesome chemistry between Reese and Mark. They are two great actors who make fun comedies. I would highly recommend this fun little love story, it takes me back into the unchained melody days. :D Seriously, folks, enjoy!


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Imdb rating: 6.8
Musician: Rolfe Kent
Running time: 95 min
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