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Ivansxtc (2000)
UK / English
"A real Hollywood story. "
Update on Leo Tolstoy's "The Death of Ivan Ilyich," set in contemporary Hollywood.
Danny Huston Ivan Beckman
Peter Weller Don West
James Merendino Danny McTeague
Adam Krentzman Barry Oaks
Lisa Enos Charlotte White
Alison Taylor Nurse Jackie
Joanne Duckman Marcia Beckman
Robert Graham Sid Beckman
Caroleen Feeney Rosemary Kramer
Sarah Danielle Madison Naomi (as Sarah Goldberg)
Morgan Vukovic Lucy Lawrence
Jay Lavender Phil
Carol Rose Judy Tarzana
Steve Dickman Melvin
Wendy Rhoads Missy
Director: Bernard Rose
Producer: Lisa Enos
Writer: Leo Tolstoy,Bernard Rose
Tolstoy goes to Hollywood and does only so-so.
Again, we have a literary masterpiece "adapted" to the big screen (e.g., the recent "Bartleby"). Not a total success, in my opinion. First of all its transformed setting...the Hollywood scene...while the film creates its reality fairly well...is far from the original characterization of a public servant (a magistrate) and his powerful, reflective downward path to death. Secondly, the depiction of the movie business as superficial and full of back=slapping and phony relationships is a rehash to the point of cliche.

That said, Danny Huston's performance as the high-living Hollywood agent, facing his imminent death is very convincing and even moving at times...and creates sympathy for an otherwise vacuous character. We are spared none of the grim details of his last days on earth...so be warned.

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Imdb rating: 6.5
Musician: Matt Schultz
Running time: 93 min / Canada
Subtitles: Svenska
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