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Irresistible (2006)
Australia / English
"A secret is not safe if the truth has a witness. "
A wife and mother (Sarandon) is consumed by the thought that her husband's co-worker is trying to win him away from her and their family.
Susan Sarandon Sophie
Sam Neill Craig
Emily Blunt Mara
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell Sam (as Bud Tingwell)
William McInnes Jimmy
Georgie Parker Jen
Terry Norris Magistrate
Joanna Hunt-Prokhovnik Elly
Lauren Mikkor Ruby
Heather Mitchell Rina
Jill Forster Helen
Joelene Crnogorac Anastasia
Geneviève Picot Mara's Nurse
Carolyn Bock Sophie's Nurse
Alethea McGrath Maggie
Director: Ann Turner
Producer: Tatiana Kennedy,David Parker
Writer: Ann Turner
Interesting . . .
I liked this movie for several reasons; its got its flaws, but its also got some redeeming qualities. The premise is good. The plot unwinds in enough fits and starts to actually seem as if some of this could be happening---it keeps the viewer uncertain as to where it's going. It also fails to adequately provide the interstices where something has happened, it's not well explained how it happened, and we are asked to accept that it has been a natural progression. This unfortunately fails to win the viewers' affection. An example of this is where the children are suddenly withdrawn and in fear of Saradon's mother character --- yet nothing in the script has fully prepared us to believe that the parental bonds have suffered that greatly especially when the relationship previously has been shown strong. What the filmmakers are trying to do is obvious: they want to unsettle the audience, to get them out of familiar territory, and stretching the normal boundaries in relationship, in time, in space is an effective way of doing this. It just has to be done with a little more credibility and all would be fine. I suspect that some of the seams are showing as result of editing and failing to include continuity for proper pacing. We see the breakdown of the protagonist---we are not sure if her delusions are causing, or caused by events. What we don't get is the flow from certitude to shaken state, leaving us not sure whether we're buying into it or not. There are also a few incidents that could well have been altered to be a little less far-fetched---(floor grate scene). Overall I did like the movie, I just felt it need some polishing. O'Neil's role is one of the loving husband and protective father . . . somewhere he also simply a man, and it doesn't feel right when he's going through a seduction. I found it unreasonable: his character had too much to lose, and too much was hinted at as to why he would fall for this but not detail enough, again, to allow me to believe that he would. As mysteries go, this one is only needing some editorial work, and a bit of scriptural add-in to be a much better movie. Still, I liked it, and I liked the final Du Maurier-esquire twist. That I did like.

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Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 5.7
Musician: David Hirschfelder
Running time: 103 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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