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Inside Man (2006)
USA / Albanian
"It looked like the perfect bank robbery. But you can't judge a crime by its cover. "
A cop has to talk down a bank robber after the criminal's perfect heist spirals into a hostage situation.
Bernie Rachelle Chaim (as Bernard Rachelle)
James Ransone Steve-O
Kim Director Stevie
Carlos Andrés Gómez Steve
Chiwetel Ejiofor Detective Bill Mitchell
Willem Dafoe Captain John Darius
Christopher Plummer Arthur Case
Jodie Foster Madeleine White
Clive Owen Dalton Russell
Denzel Washington Detective Keith Frazier
Peter Gerety Captain Coughlin
Victor Colicchio Sergeant Collins
Cassandra Freeman Sylvia
Peter Frechette Peter Hammond
Gerry Vichi Herman Gluck
Waris Ahluwalia Vikram Walia
Rafael Osorio Bank Guard
Rodney 'Bear' Jackson Bank Guard
Daryl Mitchell Mobile Command Officer Rourke (as Daryl 'Chill' Mitchell)
Ashlie Atkinson Mobile Command Officer Berk
David Brown Mobile Command Officer Carnow
Robert C. Kirk Mobile Command Officer Borinsky
Frank Stellato Mobile Command Detective
Ken Leung Wing
Marcia Jean Kurtz Miriam Douglas
Ed Onipede Blunt Ray Robinson
Amir Ali Said Brian (Young Hostage)
Lemon Paul Guitierez (as Lemon Andersen)
Samantha Ivers Nancy Mann
Peter Kybart Mayor
Jason Manuel Olazabal ESU Officer Hernandez
Jeff Ward ESU Officer Jesus
Anthony Mangano ESU Officer
Michael Devine ESU Officer
Ed Bogdanowicz ESU Officer
Aaron Vexler ESU Officer
Anthony Borowiec ESU Officer
Joe Coots ESU Officer
Lionel Pina Cop with Pizzas
Ken Ferrigni Redheaded Detective
Frank Hopf Barricade Officer
Robert Testut Barricade Officer
Craig M. Spitzer Seth Greenblatt (as Craig Marcus Spitzer)
Limary Agosto Gladys Perez (as Lily Agosto)
Patrick Illig Brad Stone
Frank Composto Eric Dodge
Rozanne Sher Hostage Woman
Rachel Black Katherine (as Rachel Matthews Black)
Gregory Dann Case's Bodyguard
Ben Crowley White's Assistant
Shon Gables CBS News Reporter
Dominic Carter NY1 News Anchor
Sandra Endo NY1 News Reporter
Kandiss Edmundson Madge
Al Palagonia Kevin
Florina Petcu Ilina
Agim Coma Borova
John Speredakos Officier Porcario
Baktash Zaher Zahir (as Baktash Khadem Zaher)
Ernest Rayford Men's Club Attendant
Vincent DiMartino Barber
Julian Niccolini Four Seasons Maitre d'
Ed Crescimanni Edwin
Brad Leland Ronnie (as Bradley Williams)
Brad Williams Ronnie (as Bradley Williams)
Tiffany Adams Hostage (uncredited)
Cherise Boothe Jeanette Davis - Bank Employee (uncredited)
Rebecca Brillhart Four Seasons Server (uncredited)
Jay Charan Teller (uncredited)
Michael Den Dekker Judge Pasqua (uncredited)
Edwin Freeman ESU Officer (uncredited)
Carla Greene Maria Luna (uncredited)
Rashaad Ernesto Green Matthew Jones (Hostage) (uncredited)
Turi Haim Barricade Cop (uncredited)
Van Hughes James Curran (uncredited)
Matt Jade ESU Officer (uncredited)
Russ Klein Defense Attorney (uncredited)
Amanda Knox Bank Employee (uncredited)
Steve Lord ESU Officer (uncredited)
Heather Male Katarina Anderson (uncredited)
James Donnell Quinn Hostage Irving Levine (uncredited)
Jamieson Rhyme Denis Lenford - Hostage (uncredited)
Michal Sinnott Lori Minitte (uncredited)
Philippe Vonlanthen ESU Officer (uncredited)
Angel Wallace Sandra Velez- Hostage (uncredited)
Director: Spike Lee
Producer: Brian Grazer
Writer: Russell Gewirtz
unexpectedly unpredictable
Unlike most movies I have seen in the bank robbery genre, this one stands out as a bit more creative and unpredictable. While you may think you know exactly what's going on, don't be fooled--you don't. It keeps you interested with unique twists and interesting character development. For one who does not prefer the typical or average movie, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised. Even my girlfriend--not a fan of the action flicks--thought this one was interesting. It's just nice to get involved in the story and not know every twist and turn before it happens. Of course, there were certain loose ends left undone, but how in-depth can one get in less than two hours. All in all, it wasn't perfect, but it was one of the better movies I've seen lately and arguably one of the better in its category.

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Imdb rating: 7.7
Musician: Terence Blanchard
Running time: 129 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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