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In Her Shoes (2005)
USA / English
"Friends. Rivals. Sisters. "
Maggie, the consummate party girl, clashes with her head-on-straight sister, Rose.
Cameron Diaz Maggie Feller
Anson Mount Todd
Toni Collette Rose Feller
Richard Burgi Jim Danvers
Candice Azzara Sydelle Feller
Brooke Smith Amy
John Mastrangelo Sr. Di Bruno Bros. Cheese Guy
Emilio Mignucci Di Bruno Bros. Cheese Guy
Mark Feuerstein Simon Stein
Terrance Christopher Jones Lawyer
Nicole Randall Johnson Rose's Assistant
Kateri DeMartino Ferocious Shopper
Brandon Karrer Canal House Guy
Jon Ingrassia Bartender
Jason Peck Cuervo Carl
Director: Curtis Hanson
Producer: Lisa Ellzey,Carol Fenelon,Curtis Hanson,Ridley Scott
Writer: Jennifer Weiner,Susannah Grant
"Chick-Flicks" just don't get any better than In Her Shoes
Okay Ladies – it is time to gather up all the important women in your life, leave the boys at home and head to the movie theater for In Her Shoes staring Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette and Shirley MacClaine.

This comedy/drama begins with Rose (Collette) having to pick up her drunk and passed out sister, Maggie (Diaz) from her 10-year high school reunion.

When Rose tries to take Maggie back home where she stills lives with her parents, Maggie is kicked out by her wicked stepmother, Sydelle. Rose has no choice but to take her sister back home with her.

From here the tension and conflict grows as Rose and Maggie are polar opposites. In fact, the only similarity they share is their size eight-and-a-half shoes. Maggie's irresponsible and promiscuous ways eventually drive the two apart after a very awkward and dramatic fallout.

After the fight, Maggie finds herself in Florida and Rose finds herself searching for a change. Although angry and apart, the two can't help but miss the other desperately.

The movie, based on the novel by Jennifer Weiner, was brilliantly re-written for the big screen by Susannah Grant and directed by Curtis Hanson.

All of the actors did an award winning performance although the Oscar should definitely go to Collette who simply shined.

I believe that Cameron Diaz had a little too much of the spotlight in the trailers and promotional poster, but fortunately was not all the focus in the actual movie.

Overall In Her Shoes gets four out of four stars. This is definitely a movie that will make you realize exactly how important all the women in your life truly are. It's just not possible for a chick-flick to get any better than this!

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Imdb rating: 7.0
Musician: Mark Isham
Running time: 130 min
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