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In Good Company (2004)
USA / English
"He's rich, young and handsome. He's in love with you and he's your dad's boss. "
Dennis Quaid plays a middle-aged ad exec faced with a new boss who's nearly half his age ... and who also happens to be sleeping with his daughter.
Dennis Quaid Dan Foreman
Topher Grace Carter Duryea
Scarlett Johansson Alex Foreman
Marg Helgenberger Ann Foreman
David Paymer Morty Wexler
Clark Gregg Mark Steckle
Philip Baker Hall Eugene Kalb
Selma Blair Kimberly
Frankie Faison Corwin
Ty Burrell Enrique Colon
Kevin Chapman Lou
Amy Aquino Alicia
Zena Grey Jana Foreman
Colleen Camp Receptionist
Lauren Tom Obstetrician
Director: Paul Weitz
Producer: Chris Weitz,Paul Weitz
Writer: Paul Weitz
Ninety day wonder
How many times have we witnessed the meteoric ascent of a younger person in our working place to a higher position, a status, we've figured they're not qualified to assume? This is the basis of this disarming Paul Weitz's comedy, based on his own screen play.

The changes that are brought into a company when someone that has no apparent qualifications is put in charge is prevalent within the American way of doing business. How many times have we seen these young upstarts derail a corporation because of their inexperience? More than a few!

If you haven't seen the film, please read no further.

Carter Duryea is picked by his mentor in the conglomerate where he is the rising star, and the logical choice, to be put in charge of the magazine that has been recently acquired by a business tycoon Teddy K. Carter has no clue of what he is in for. Most of the older staff members are canned, but Carter is no dummy, he keeps the talented Dan Foreman because he can be used. After all, Dan is in his early 50s, married, with a couple of children of college age, and in debt.

Carter has no life. His wife walks out on him in spite of the big promotion. Right after that, he meets Don's older daughter, Alex. She wastes no time in getting him into her college dorm room. Dan Foreman has no idea of what's going on right in front of his nose. After all, he dislikes Carter, and his ways, more than anything else in the world. That's why when Dan discovers the two lovers in a trendy Manhattan eatery, he goes ballistic.

When Carter's guru has a tragic fall, after he has served his purpose and has been used by Teddy K. As a result, Carter loses his job as well, because ultimately, Dan, is recognized for his own merit, rather than for being the yes man that Carter, or his superior were. After all, Dan is the only one that asks the questions that no one dares to, about the conglomerate losing vision on the magazine.

This acerbic comedy sheds a life on corporate America like no other one in recent memory. Dennis Quaid plays a brilliant Dan Foreman, the older man. Topher Grace is amazing as the young Carter, who gives an incredible performance. Scarlett Johansson plays Alex Foreman, a young woman without any hangups who enters into an affair with her father's boss.

Beware of those ninety day wonders!

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Imdb rating: 7.0
Musician: Damien Rice
Running time: 109 min
Subtitles: engelska; franska; spanska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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