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Hulk (2003)
USA / English
"Unleash the fury! "
A geneticist's experimental accident curses him with the tendency to become a powerful giant green brute under emotional stress.
Eric Bana Bruce Banner
Jennifer Connelly Betty Ross
Sam Elliott Ross
Josh Lucas Talbot
Nick Nolte Father
Paul Kersey Young David Banner
Cara Buono Edith Banner
Todd Tesen Young Ross
Kevin Rankin Harper
Celia Weston Mrs. Krensler
Mike Erwin Teenage Bruce Banner
Lou Ferrigno Security Guard
Stan Lee Security Guard
Regi Davis Security Guard
Craig Damon Security Guard
Director: Ang Lee
Producer: Avi Arad,Larry J. Franco,Gale Anne Hurd,James Schamus
Writer: Stan Lee,Jack Kirby
A Green Hulking Success
A truly spectacular movie by a renowned director, the Hulk has arrived! The character and situational development succeeds whether plenty of other action movies fail, it makes the viewer feel for hero, Bruce Banner. Eric Bana has completed his personal transformation from up-and-coming actor to a genuine Hollywood star.

Although the movie was a little slow at the start, when the action started, it rarely slows down. My favorite action scene was when the Hulk squared off against the military (pure action and testosterone). The CGI Hulk was amazing, complete with emotional expressiveness and realistic body movement. A true achievement in the world of Computer-Generated Imagery.

Plenty of credit to Ang Lee. A true master at the helm of a masterpiece. The Hulk...one the summer 2003's greatest blockbusters!

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 5.9
Musician: Danny Elfman
Running time: 138 min
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