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"NileCity 105.6" (1995)
Sweden / Swedish
Percy NilegÄrd has gotten in to the commercial radio business. The radio station rents premises of the fire station and its chief...
Robert Gustafsson Greger/Veiron/Sudden/Robban/Others
Jonas Inde /td>
Andres Lokko Corpse
Johan Rheborg Percy Nilegaard/Farbror Barbro/Coroner/Others
Henrik Schyffert Glenn Killing/Hasse/Others
Carl Dyall Fireman
Per Graffman Fireman/Speaker
Peter Gröning Fireman
Pontus Gårdinger Fireman
Håkan Larsson Fireman
Ivan Öhlin Fireman
Malin Cederblad Teenage Girl by the Posters at B&W
Kalle Heino Kekko, Finlandi Design
Elsie Höök Receptionist at B&W
Evert Jansson Gotland man
Fredrik Ultvedt Tord, Chief of B&W Hässelby
Director: Walter Söderlund
Writer: Robert Gustafsson,Jonas Inde
Nilecity is probably the most beloved Swedish comedy show ever. Everyone in Sweden, at least everyone I know of, totally love "killing boysen", the gang of comedians behind NileCity. They have done a lot of good comedy shows for Swedish television, but this one is without doubt the best one yet! The show reruns in SVT with a year or two in between, and allthough you know every line you'll still be "Rolling On The Floor Laughing".

Without NileCity as inspiration I doubt shows like "Varan TV", "Parasit TV", "Humor Labbet" and of course "keh Algeriet's home videos" would ever been made.

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