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The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
USA / English
"The lucky ones die first. "
A suburban American family is being stalked by a group of psychotic people who live in the desert, far away from civilization.
Aaron Stanford Doug
Kathleen Quinlan Ethel Carter
Vinessa Shaw Lynn
Emilie de Ravin Brenda Carter
Dan Byrd Bobby Carter
Tom Bower Gas Station Attendant
Billy Drago Papa Jupiter
Robert Joy Lizard
Ted Levine Big Bob Carter
Desmond Askew Big Brain
Ezra Buzzington Goggle
Michael Bailey Smith Pluto
Laura Ortiz Ruby
Gregory Nicotero Cyst (as Greg Nicotero)
Maisie Camilleri Preziosi Baby Catherine
Director: Alexandre Aja
Producer: Wes Craven,Peter Locke,Marianne Maddalena
Writer: Alexandre Aja,Grégory Levasseur
Brutal,savage and unrelenting - the way horror film should be.
A family on their way to California come across a rundown gas station in the middle of the New Mexico desert.They then think they're taking a shortcut through the hills,thanks to the kindly suggestion of the gas attendant,but find themselves stranded in the middle of no where.And to make things worse,the whole thing was a trap so a group of deformed mutants can butcher and eat them."The Hills Have Eyes" remake was made by Alexandre Aja,the guy behind "Haute Tension".It offers plenty of nasty violence and gore,several scenes with nail-biting tension and a few solid scares.One of the most radical departures from Wes Craven's original is to give the cannibals back-stories.In the 2006 movie,they are miners who were deformed by the radiation fallout from 1940s and 1950s nuclear testing.The trailer attack sequence is wonderfully audacious and the violence is brutal and bloody.Aja manages to unsettle the viewer few times,such as when he intercuts the burning alive of the family matriarch Bob with the suggested rape of younger daughter Brenda.The mutant and gore effects by Howard Berger and Gregory Nicotero are excellent and the photography of the desert landscape is great.A must-see for fans of intense survival horror!

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Imdb rating: 6.5
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Running time: 107 min
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