Yamakasi 2
Öga rött, Ett

Headspace (2005)
USA / English
"Evil Has Many Faces. "
25-year-old Alex Borden is handsome, charming, and intelligent. In fact, he may be too smart for his...
Olivia Hussey Dr. Karen Murphy
William Atherton Dr. Ira Gold
Sean Young Mother
Mark Margolis Boris Pavlovsky
Larry Fessenden Father
Erick Kastel Harry Jellenik
Dee Wallace Dr. Denise Bell (as Dee Wallace-Stone)
Udo Kier Rev. Karl Hartman
Christopher Denham Alex Borden
Karen Anderson Desk Nurse
Jeanette Arnone Mother (KGB Lab)
David Austin Female Creature
Elwaldo Baptiste Highwater, Guard #1
Teodorina Bello Hospital Cleaning Lady
Stephen Benson Social Worker
Matthew Biancaniello Creature
Richard Blauvelt Slattery, Guard #2
Paul Boritzer Police Officer #1
Dr. R.D. Bowers Doctor #1
Agata Bowman Wheel Chair Patient
John Bradford CT Scan Operator
Guiseppe Cataldo Guard #1 (KGB Lab)
Sigmund Cranmore Additional Park Background
Eli de Mir Scientist
David Denham Orderly
Alexander Drake Additional Park Background
Johnny Egan Additional Park Background (as John J. Egan III)
David Glen Eisley Janitor (as David Eisley)
India Eisley Martha
Nat Gelfinbein Additional Park Background
Raymond Gutierrez Boat Basin Witness
Morris Katz Street Artist
Paula Kelly Alice, Ambulance Driver
Alexandra Klausner Additional Park Background
Steve Klausner Additional Park Background
Vassily Kolganov Additional Park Background
Paul Kurzeja Patient #1
Tamas Lassu Link #1
Michael Locascio Jason's Father
Quinn Lujan Young Alex
Daniel Manche Young Harry
Romy Marqvardt Nurse
Troy McCombs Homeless Outside Church
Pollyanna McIntosh Stacy
Jennifer Mekalonis Nude Model In Painting
Laura Minch Homeless Outside Church
James Morance Additional Park Background
Irwin Nayman Additional Park Background
Carl Peters Patient #2
Mercedes Renard Reporter Connie Sanchez
Regis Schultis Jr. Man In Church
Abe Shainberg Game Spectator
Josh Shainberg Chess Player in park
Leo Shvedsky Guard #2 (KGB Lab)
Santo Silvestro Game Spectator
Paul Sparks Jason
James Spruill Lloyd Carter
Cornelia Szustka Lab Technician
Marc A. Thomas Doctor #2
Craig Tollin Additional Park Background
Robert Tollin Additional Park Background
Robert Tonino Homeless Outside Church
Andrew van den Houten Charlie, Ambulance EMS
Carola van den Houten Bag Lady (scenes deleted)
Tatiana Vidus Model
Yan Vizinberg Link #2
Mark von Kreuter Mark, Ambulance Orderly
Todd Walker Game Spectator
Patrick Wang Sammy Chung
Justin Wheeler Police Officer #2
Timo Wild Resident
Holly Wilson Miller Attending Nurse (scenes deleted)
Matthew Wolinski Guard #3 (KGB Lab)
Brandon Xuereb Additional Park Background
Director: Andrew van den Houten
Producer: William M. Miller,Andrew van den Houten
Writer: Steve Klausner,Troy McCombs
Awfully weak
Anybody can explain why such poorly made films ever appear? Slow tempo, bad plot, very bleak actors' play, and on top of that all, the total absence of any of the reason why on earth it was made... The film has a vague, unexplained beginning, likewise, the vague final part, and the very idea that two beloved brothers could not recognize each other all the film is simply foolish. The horror element is also very weak, all those funny horned monsters are not scary for kids even, and the bloody scenes made me laugh. And finally, why Mr. Udo Kier wasted his time, ruining his prestige with such a bad, short and senseless cameo appearance? All in all, just a low-budget 3-rate cheap pseudo-psychological horror sleek movie. A total waste of time...

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 4.9
Musician: Ryan Shore
Running time: 89 min / 95 min (International version)
Subtitles: inga
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