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Havoc (2005)
USA / English
"Some lines aren't meant to be crossed... "
Two affluent suburban girls who clash with the Latino gang culture of East LA.
Anne Hathaway Allison Lang
Bijou Phillips Emily
Shiri Appleby Amanda
Michael Biehn Stuart Lang
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sam
Matt O'Leary Eric
Freddy Rodríguez Hector
Laura San Giacomo Joanna Lang
Mike Vogel Toby
Raymond Cruz Chino
Alexis Dziena Sasha
Channing Tatum Nick
Johnny Vasquez Manuel
Luis Robledo Ace
Sam Hennings Mr. Rubin
Director: Barbara Kopple
Producer: Stewart Hall,John Morrissey,Jack F. Murphy
Writer: Stephen Gaghan,Jessica Kaplan
Fake-o-nomics 101
The sad thing about this film is that there are a number of young fools in this country whose lives mirror the sorry characters in this movie. Wannabe "wiggas" who play act the lives of derelicts in an attempt to escape the vanity of their own existence. They're just as dead above ground as this story's unfortunate author. Yet they dive deeper and deeper into the underworld in search of any experience to convince themselves they are alive. Their only security is that the bungee cord of their social privilege will snatch them back out of the scuzz pits after they've taken the plunge.

Why do some people flirt with death in order to feel like they are alive? However if you weren't blind to the truth you would have seen the answer to all of their problems in this shallow film. As for the actors they were convincing fakers in their roles. The 16th Street gang members weren't convincing though. They just weren't as ruthless as I'd expect drug dealers to be. Now we know that Anne Hathaway isn't the nice girl she's portrayed in her previous roles. I guess many Hollywood actresses feel the path to success is through the sewer.

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Imdb rating: 5.4
Musician: Cliff Martinez
Running time: 85 min / 93 min (unrated version)
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