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Happy Endings (2005)
USA / English
"All's well that ends swell. "
Happy Endings weaves multiple stories to create a witty look at love, family and the sheer unpredictablity of life itself.
Lisa Kudrow Miriam 'Mamie' Toll
Steve Coogan Charles 'Charley' Peppitone
Jesse Bradford Nicky Kunitz
Bobby Cannavale Javier Duran
Maggie Gyllenhaal Jude
Jason Ritter Otis McKee
Tom Arnold Frank McKee
David Sutcliffe Gilbert 'Gil' Palmer
Sarah Clarke Diane
Laura Dern Pam Ferris
Hallee Hirsh Mamie Toll at 17
Eric Jungmann Charley Peppitone at 16/Tom Kunitz
Kim Morgan Greene Constance 'Connie' Toll Peppitone
Rayne Marcus Annette
Caker Folley Lauren Kassinger
Director: Don Roos
Producer: Michael Paseornek,Holly Wiersma
Writer: Don Roos
Didn't like it at the first time but after the second time.....
I was so looking forward to see that movie because of Lisa Kudrow! I wanted to rent it in the library but it wasn't there so I decided to buy it in a store. To be true I was a bit confused when I'd seen the movie the first time and I was disappointed of the movie. But then, after I'd slept one night over it, I was really looking forward to see that movie again. So I met my friends and we watched the movie together. My friends didn't like the movie! They hated it and asked me why I bought such a movie!? But after I'd seen the movie the second time I was overwhelmed by that movie. And today it is my second favorite Kudrow movie!

Lisa Kudrow plays Miriam "Mamie" Toll. She listens to young girls who want to have a abortion. Miriam got pregnant when she was 17 years old. The father of her kid is her stepbrother Charlie. Her parents want her to drive off her kid. She drives to Phoenix for having the abortion. But she can't do it but she told nobody, even Charlie, that she hadn't had the abortion. Now 19 years later she meets a guy called Nicky. He's a documentary film maker who knows where her son lives. He would tell her if she let him film their first meeting. Lisa Kudrow shows us in that movie, that she can be also serious and not just funny. I think she was brilliant in that movie.

But it is not just Lisa Kudrow who plays in this wonderful movie! There is also Maggie Gyllenhaal who I, by the way, really like. She is such a great actress! But in this movie......uh..... She is such a bad person in Happy Endings! You know....when she sits in the club with her friend she is talking about sleeping with her cousin's husband. Isn't that rude? And her cousin was in the club too! And then, when she rotated Otis the head, she let him fall and took his father and played with him. But now I know that she can also play a rude person! She's a brilliant actress!

Laura Dern is just a supporting role! She plays Pam, a lesbian who has a kid. Later in the movie it turns out that Gil is the father of her kid. Gil is played by David Sutcliffe. Maybe you know him as Rory's father in "Gilmore Girls". He plays a gay who is together with Miriam's (Lisa Kudrow) brother Charlie!

Result: If you love Lisa Kudrow or Maggie Gyllenhaal you have to watch this movie. It is a must seen! You will love it, even if you are confused at the first time. Sleep one night about it and watch it then a second time. Great movie but a bit confusing at the first time that's why I give "Happy Endings" just 8 of 10 stars.

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Imdb rating: 6.7
Running time: 128 min
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