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Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)
USA / English
"Ten Years Ago HE Changed The Face Of Halloween. Tonight HE'S BACK! "
Ten years after his original massacre, the invalid Michael Myers awakens and returns to Haddonfield to kill his seven-year-old niece on Halloween. Can Dr. Loomis stop him?
Donald Pleasence Dr. Sam Loomis
Ellie Cornell Rachel Carruthers
Danielle Harris Jamie Lloyd
Beau Starr Sheriff Ben Meeker
George P. Wilbur Michael Myers
Sasha Jenson Brady
Kathleen Kinmont Kelly Meeker
Michael Pataki Dr. Hoffman
Jeff Olson Richard Carruthers
Karen Alston Darlene Carruthers
Gene Ross Earl
Carmen Filpi Jack Sayer
Raymond O'Connor Security Guard
George Sullivan Deputy Logan
Nancy Borgenicht Woman Attendant
Director: Dwight H. Little
Producer: Paul Freeman
Writer: Danny Lipsius,Larry Rattner
Great performances by all, excellent sequel
The first time I saw this film, I was bored. I thought it was uneventful. But then, I watched it a second time and loved it. This movie is very suspenseful, has very little blood/gore, and the acting by Danielle Harris is just incredible. I also love Ellis Cornell, she is such a doll! Brady was an idiot to let go of such a cute girl.

Rent this! It's better than II and V.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 5.4
Musician: Alan Howarth
Running time: 88 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]; Stereo [English]
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