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Going the Distance (2004)
Canada / English
"They came. They saw. They came. "
He may have just graduated but Nick (Christopher Jacot) has it all figured out - marriage, a lucrative...
Christopher Jacot Nick
Joanne Kelly Sasha
Shawn Roberts Tyler
Mayko Nguyen Jill
Ryan Belleville Dime
Katheryn Winnick Trish
August Schellenberg Emile
Matt Frewer Farmer Joseph
Jackie Burroughs Mother Libby
Andrew Airlie Jerry
Lynda Boyd Toni
Jay Brazeau Store Clerk
Andy Jones Portly Customer
Jason Priestley Lenny Swackhammer
Christie Laing Sexy Girl (scenes deleted)
Director: Mark Griffiths
Producer: Stephen Hegyes,Shawn Williamson
Writer: Eric Goodman,Kelly Senecal
The downfall of National Lampoon continues
It used to be that having National Lampoon in the title meant comedy gold. Two of the greatest comedies of all time, ANIMAL HOUSE and VACATION carried the National Lampoon banner. Throughout the 90s, National Lampoon continued to lend its name to such classics as SENIOR TRIP and LOADED WEAPON 1. For a while, it seemed like the greatness of the National Lampoon name would never die, especially after 2002's VAN WILDER, the closest college comedy to ANIMAL HOUSE since REVENGE OF THE NERDS. Then in 2003, the Lampoon name was scarred with THANKSGIVING FAMILY REUNION, a bad TV movie that premiered on TBS. That same year the Lampoon took another blow with the mediocre NATIONAL LAMPOON PRESENTS DORM DAZE. Now with GOING THE DISTANCE, the downfall of National Lampoon continues.

GOING THE DISTANCE isn't even an American made movie. It's a Canadian ROAD TRIP clone that has nothing to do with the National Lampoon name. The only slightest Lampoon element was the whole guy-trying-to-ruin trip subplot was also done in SENIOR TRIP, but at least there it was funny. Here, it's the weakest part of the movie. It just doesn't work. In fact, 50% of the jokes in GOING THE DISTANCE don't work, which is rather unfortunate since the film had potential. I dug the first few opening scenes and thought that the film could end up being worthy of the National Lampoon name. However, after fifteen minutes had gone by, I realized this was sadly yet another direct-to-video dud. There were a few good laughs and Joanne Kelly was quite cute, but that wasn't enough to save this flick. 4/10

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Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 5.3
Musician: Patric Caird
Running time: 93 min / Canada
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]; Stereo [English]
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