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The Fog (2005)
Canada / English
A quiet seaside town is engulfed by a thick fog precisely one century after a boat sunk just off the coast under mysterious circumstances.
Tom Welling Nick Castle
Maggie Grace Elizabeth Williams
Selma Blair Stevie Wayne
DeRay Davis Spooner
Kenneth Welsh Tom Malone
Adrian Hough Father Robert Malone
Sara Botsford Kathy Williams
Cole Heppell Andy Wayne
Mary Black Aunt Connie
Jonathon Young Dan The Weatherman
R. Nelson Brown Machen
Christian Bocher Founding Father Malone
Douglas Arthurs Founding Father Williams (as Douglas H. Arthurs)
Yves Cameron Founding Father Wayne
Charles Andre Founding Father Castle (as Charles André)
Director: Rupert Wainwright
Producer: John Carpenter,David Foster,Debra Hill
Writer: Cooper Layne,John Carpenter
The worst movie I have ever seen (so far)! It deserves a "1," but I'm saving "1" for the movies they make when I'm 70 years old.

I wasn't expecting much but I thought "at least it will have a few scary parts to grab me." WRONG! As far as I could tell NO ONE in the theatre was scared ONCE -- not even those teen girl screamers that are always at horror flicks. I think everyone was CONFUSED, not scared -- Why the two love interests for Nick? Why was Elizabeth envisioning the past? Why did no one comment on the one guy's face ROTTING? Why did no one care the priest was drunk all the time? Why did it matter that the statue was made incorrectly? Why did the ghosts resort to using GRAFFITI? (and why did they use what looked like paint?)

WHY? WHY? WHY DID I PAY MONEY TO SEE THIS? Instead of paying for this, ask an eight-year-old, heck, make it a seven-year old to tell you a scary story. I GUARANTEE he or she will come up with a better plot, more realistic characters, and scarier scenes than this piece of garbage!

Seen it:Ja
Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 3.2
Musician: Graeme Revell
Running time: 103 min (unrated version) / Philippines
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