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Fjorton suger (2004)
Sweden / Swedish
Elin Ahlberg Emma
Jesper Fridh Markus
Andreas Karoliussen Aron
Björn Månsson Patrik
Catherine Jeppsson Mamma
Jörgen Düberg Pappa
Emily Nilsson Lina
Thea Klitte Karin
Thomas Hesslow Per
Simon Lindell Andy
David Sjöland Daniel
Sara Herrlander Julia
Otto Blückner Kricka
Jacob Walfridsson Jacob
Johan Billgren Johan
Director: Filippa Freijd,Martin Jern
Producer: Filippa Freijd,Martin Jern,Emil Larsson,Henrik Norrthon
Writer: Martin Jern
Not a good Swedish one.
I didn't like this movie at all. I didn't get the message (if it even had one) and the "actors" couldn't play a bit.

Emma (Elin Ahlberg) is a 14-year old "cool" girl which is on her way to leave her silly little friends to her brothers much cooler gang. So on one of the cool friends party she becomes raped by one of the friends to her brother. After that her life is totally mixed up. She can't live normal and thinks that everyone is talking about her, but as far as I could see, no one cared, no one even knewed about it. So then she meets Aron (Andreas Karoliussen) and he is trying to understand the girl he loves.

To start with the "actors" couldn't play, it sounded like they read right from the script (sure they did, but they just didn't have any feeling). And they were on parties all the time, they drank, passed out, went home, ate breakfast, party, went home, slept, ate breakfast. That's the whole movie. I must say that this was the worst low budget movie I've seen in my entire life, and then I have seen about 100-150 movies. So I didn't like it a bit. I don't recommend it. And it all seemed like a plaigat from the other Swedish movie "Hip hip hora" which I prefer a hundred times better then "Fjorton Suger". In Hip hip hora the young girl Sofie (Amanda Renberg) gets drunk and some guys take disgusting pictures at her and she don't know if she has been raped or not, in Fjorton Suger Emma gets drunk and raped. And when Sofie founds out that everyone knows what happened except for herself she thinks that everyone thinks she's a whore. In Emma's case no one knows but she herself asks Aron if he thinks she's a whore. And for the last, Sofie want's to belong to the cool kids in school but still keep her old friends. But Emma want's to get rid of her old friends and just hang out with the cool kids. There are some connections between these movies and maybe the directors of Fjorton Suger took some things from Hip Hip Hora into their movie. I don't know but this is what I think. So I really hated the movie.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 5.3
Musician: Filippa Freijd
Running time: 83 min / Sweden
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