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Yamakasi 2(2004)
France / French
"A Mortal Fighter. An Eternal Combat."
Ian Kay Terry (as Ian Kay)
Burt Kwouk Wong
Santi Sudaros Kitano
Elodie Yung Tsu
Laurent Piemontesi Léo
Charles Perrière Logan
Guylain N'Guba-Boyeke Yaguy (as Guylain)
Yann Hnautra Yann
Malik Diouf Kenjee
Châu Belle Dinh Kien
Williams Belle Williams
Charles Jarman Johnny
Gary Stoner Ned
Jason Hunjan Un sportif anglais
Tony Christian Un sportif anglais
Dave Fisher Un sportif anglais
Michael Byrch Un sportif anglais
Heather Phillips Un sportif anglais
Gerald Zarcilla Un sportif anglais
Andy Wareham Un sportif anglais
Joss Gower Un sportif anglais
Gary Arthurs Un sportif anglais
Timothy Van Bras droit Wong
Hirokazu Sano Lieutenant yakusa
Kumsang Srichana Professeur boxe thaï
Su Ting Liu Jeune moine
Hung-Shoong Sae-Auy Vieux moine
Koji Oseto Misawa
Saeksun Anantrakarnkit Fils de Wong
Paiboon Anansuwan Grand-père de Williams
Kowit Wattanakul Pêcheur
Waraporn Sinisin Mae
Director: Julien Seri
Producer: Yves Marmion
Writer: Bruno Guiblet,Philippe Lyon
Not much of a story but nice acrobatics
The plot is simple. A French youngsters who are into extreme sports go to China and get in trouble with the local triad mafia. Just because the training ground they use happen to be on their turf. Without really having anything to do with it they get into the gang warfare. And without choosing any sides they try to fight a way out.

The story isn't very spectacular. But the fighting and acrobatics are. The actors are mostly the same as Luc Besson's Yamakasi. And if you have seen that film and those acrobatics and you combine them with martial arts. Then you will understand what makes this film so good. Those men "REALLY" Jump of buildings and "REALLY" climb them barehanded (of course they are protected with cables). But instead of the cable doing all the work it's them. If you want an evening of relaxing and giving your eye some original spectacle without having too much of a plot than this is the movie for you. Enjoy.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 4.2
Musician: Christian Henson
Running time: 90 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [Swedish]
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