The Fast and the Furious
Öga rött, Ett

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)
USA / Japanese
"If You Ain't Outta Control, You Ain't In Control. "
In order to avoid a jail sentence, Sean Boswell heads to Tokyo to live with his military father. In a low-rent section of the city, Shaun gets caught up in the underground world of drift racing.
Lucas Black Sean Boswell
Damien Marzette High School Security Guard (as Damien Marzett)
Trula M. Marcus American Math Teacher (as Trula Marcus)
Zachery Ty Bryan Clay (as Zachery Bryan)
Brandon Brendel Clay's Buddy
Daniel Booko Clay's Buddy
David V. Thomas Clay's Buddy
Amber Stevens Cheerleader
Ashika Gogna Cheerleader #2
Christian Salazar Chubby Hispanic Kid
Kevin Caira Auto Shop Bully
Trey Sanford Auto Shop Bully (as Julius Trey Sanford)
Danny Ray McDonald II Auto Shop Bully #3
Nikki Griffin Cindy - Clay's Girlfriend
Vincent Laresca Case Worker
Director: Justin Lin
Producer: Neal H. Moritz
Writer: Chris Morgan
Hardly "just another car movie", very underestimated
When I first saw the trailer for this movie, when I first heard about...heck, when I first saw the LAME MOVIE board propped up in the movie theater, I was going "oh great, another the fast and the furious movie, just what the world needs, more poser cars!!" It certainly does give that impression, and based on what I had seen in the previous movies, I wasn't very enticed to see it. The previous stories hardly had a plot, there was a start, and no end; no conclusion.

On opening day, my friend convinced me to go, I convinced myself that the Japanese models were worth it, since I really, really, didn't want to see the movie, but an hour before it screened, all of I sudden I didn't feel as bad about watching the movie, in fact, I was starting to get hyped about it, I don't know what came over me.

To the movie, now. Like any car racing movie, you have lots of hot cars. In this movie, the main character, Sean, is basically a rookie driver who gets sent to japan, and works his way up the system, in terms of illegal street racing. Typical plot, you say? There is strong character development, in terms of allies and enemies, and the plot twisted a bit, enough to keep me on the seat, and from leaving. The constant action, less talk, more driving, and some storyline in between works out well, and the way the that the drivers drive, certainly define their personality (agressive, altruistic, insane, conservatively), as they carry that driving personality outside of the streets and track, while on foot.

The cinematography is amazing in most parts, I always felt as though I was gonna crash into the screen or fall off some mountain, 'nuff said.

Overall, the previous movies have certainly hyped up the series, in a bad way, but this is the start to a new series, this is a whole new SECTION of the movies. These cars don't even have neon lights, for god's sake.

Don't let the people who didn't watch vote 1, they are idiots who judge based on the fact that it's fast and furious. They're the kids, who think they're too cool for a street race movie, so they vote 1. However, I'm sure if I asked any of them to watch, they'd certainly go. At first, I would've voted one, but that would've been the immature, sore loser thing to do, and immature sore losers know what each other think - therefore I know how they think, s'true.

If you're a fan of movies with high paced action, slightly overdone special effects, an incorporated story, plot twists, and just an overall great hour or two to spend your summer, this is the movie to do it with.

Have fun.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 5.5
Musician: Brian Tyler
Running time: 104 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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