The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Öga rött, Ett

Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)
USA / English
"A new chapter of evil "
Years before Father Lancaster Merrin helped save Regan MacNeil's soul, he first encounters the demon Pazuzu in East Africa. This is the tale of Father Merrin's initial battle with Pazuzu and the rediscovery of his faith.
Stellan Skarsgård Father Merrin
Izabella Scorupco Sarah
James D'Arcy Father Francis
Remy Sweeney Joseph
Julian Wadham Major Granville
Andrew French Chuma
Ralph Brown Sergeant Major
Ben Cross Semelier
David Bradley Father Gionetti
Alan Ford Jeffries
Antonie Kamerling Lieutenant Kessel
Eddie Osei Emekwi
Israel Aduramo Jomo
Patrick O'Kane Bession
James Bellamy James
Director: Renny Harlin
Producer: Will Raee,James G. Robinson
Writer: William Peter Blatty,William Wisher Jr.
Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)
It is a pity this movie is so underrated, but I think the main reason for that is the fact that people judge the movie before seeing it, so they won't watch it objectively. Another reason perhaps is the adventurous style of the film, but it is acceptable because father Merrin is younger than in the original film. The best actor to portray a young father Merrin is certainly the wonderful Stellan Skarsgård, what a stylish performance, this superb actor gives such a perfect image of how the main character would have been at the moment in his life when he lost his faith. The two other most important roles by Izabella Scorupco and James D'Arcy are excellent, the best supporting role is performed by Alan Ford. The madness and the confusion in the final battle between the Turkana and the Brithish are convincingly brought to screen. As for the crew members, I was very impressed by Trevor Rabin his soundtrack, the production design of Stefano Maria Ortolani and the magnificent cinematography by Vittorio Storaro. Conclusion: if you watch this film objectively than you will probably enjoy it. All though sometimes over the top, Renny Harlin has made a great prequel to the original one, with some very memorable scenes.

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Imdb rating: 5.1
Musician: Trevor Rabin
Running time: 114 min
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