The Dukes of Hazzard
Öga rött, Ett

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
USA / English
"I already forget how I used to feel about you. "
A couple (
Jim Carrey Joel Barish
Kate Winslet Clementine Kruczynski
Gerry Robert Byrne Train Conductor
Elijah Wood Patrick
Thomas Jay Ryan Frank
Mark Ruffalo Stan
Jane Adams Carrie
David Cross Rob
Kirsten Dunst Mary
Tom Wilkinson Dr. Howard Mierzwiak
Ryan Whitney Young Joel
Debbon Ayer Joel's Mother
Amir Ali Said Young Bully
Brian Price Young Bully
Paulie Litt Young Bully
Director: Michel Gondry
Producer: Anthony Bregman,Steve Golin
Writer: Charlie Kaufman,Michel Gondry
Great, if you can relate...
If you can relate to the underlying theme of love longed for, love given and received, and love lost, this is a great film. If you have come to understand that acceptance can -sometimes- be a great thing and not a compromise or a 'settle for' - this is a moving film.

As crazy and almost surreal as elements of this film are, it somehow remains honest and real. That seems like a contradiction... life is contradictory, isn't it?

Carrey and Winslet both turn in superb performances, as do the supporting cast. An incredible film that most of the people who 'get it' will love - but I suspect there will be more than a small percentage who won't understand it or can't relate to it and they will (understandably) dislike it.

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Imdb rating: 8.5
Musician: Jon Brion
Running time: 108 min
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