The Dukes of Hazzard
Öga rött, Ett

Empire des loups, L' (2005)
France / French
"If You Can't Remember Your Past...You Can't Save Your Future. "
When the young detective Paul Nerteaux (Jocelyn Quivrin) finds the third slashed female corpse of illegal Turkish immigrants...
Jean Reno Jean-Louis Schiffer
Arly Jover Anna Heymes
Jocelyn Quivrin Paul Nerteaux
Laura Morante Mathilde Urano
Philippe Bas Laurent
David Kammenos Azer
Didier Sauvegrain Dr. Ackerman
Patrick Floersheim Charlier
Etienne Chicot Amien
Albert Dray Le lieutenant
Vernon Dobtcheff Kudseyi
Élodie Navarre La fliquette
Philippe Du Janerand Le légiste
Jean-Pierre Martins Professeur Ravi
Jean-Marc Huber Gurdilek
Director: Chris Nahon
Producer: Patrice Ledoux
Writer: Jean-Christophe Grangé,Jean-Christophe Grangé
Better than I expected..Considering the reviews
I keep finding myself liking French action movies more than Hollywood films. Not that I hate Hollywood action films. This particular movie is good at one thing. Escapism. Pure escapism. The plot is so so, but the movie is such that almost 2 hours go by and I've hardly noticed.

This movie is much better than The Crimson Rivers 2. Although I love the character in that movie. Jean Reno's beard in this one is a lil off putting. But still great acting nonetheless. Empire of the Wolves (as is the name on the disk.. if you entered that in search in IMDb you'd come up empty handed. ) has great similarities to the first Crimson Rivers. Although there, the camera work was so superiour that there's no comparison. Crimson Rivers 2 is not based on a novel of the first movie. This one is. The score is pretty good. And the female lead did a darn good job with what she was given. I'm not entirely sure why some didn't like the movie, maybe they were expecting Delicatessen or some masterpiece. But hey, up against most of the Hollywood fare, this one trounces them.


Quality: 4/10 (confusing storyline) Entertainment: 10/10 Replayable: 10/10

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 5.6
Running time: 128 min
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