The Door in the Floor
Öga rött, Ett

Du & jag (2006)
Sweden / English
Johan Hallström Niklas
Noomi Norén Maja (as Noomi Rapace)
Saga Gärde Josefin
Richard Ulfsäter Erik
Cecilia Häll Anna
Emil Stoltz Skejtdansken Martin
Andreas Karoliussen Niklas lillbrorsa
Elinor Nilsson Majas lillsyrra
Martin Wallström Studenten Jens
Catherine Jeppsson Niklas mamma
Hans Christian Thulin Palle
Elin Ahlberg Lillbrorsans flickvän
Tekla Granlund Majas mamma
Alexander Karim Annas kille Steve
Anna Wennergren Kompis
Director: Martin Jern,Emil Larsson
Producer: Martin Jern,Emil Larsson
Writer: Martin Jern,Emil Larsson
Better than Farväl Falkenberg
"Fjorton suger" was one of the most pleasant movie surprises that I've had in my life. The acting and the dialogue in the movie felt so authentic that it was like watching real life and that someone just happened to catch it on film.

Therefore my expectations for "Du & jag" were pretty high. I was definitely not disappointed, but I wasn't blown away either.

"Du & jag" might in some ways be percepted as a sequel to "Fjorton suger". The people depicted are about ten years older than those in "Fjorton suger", but when it comes to love and close relations they are just as clumsy. The directing is once again very documentary-like, with lots of close-ups and shaky camera, the soundtrack is amazing, and the actors are, although unknown to the general audience, extremely talented.

However, the story isn't as focused as in "Fjorton suger". It spans over several years, and even though the final cut is no more than one and a half hours, some of the scenes feel a bit uninspired and out of place. Another downside (and this is my very own opinion) is that not all of the actors speak Scanian this time.

But all in all, "Du & jag" is well worth seeing, in my opinion far superior to the similar "Farväl Falkenberg".

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