The Door in the Floor
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Dracula 2000 (2000)
USA / English
"19th Century Chills Terrify the 21st Century "
A group of thieves break into a chamber expecting to find paintings, but instead they release the count himself, who travels to New Orleans to find his nemesis' daughter, Mary Van Helsing.
Gerard Butler Dracula
Christopher Plummer Abraham/Matthew Van Helsing
Jonny Lee Miller Simon Sheppard
Justine Waddell Mary Heller
Colleen Fitzpatrick Lucy Westerman (as Colleen Anne Fitzpatrick)
Jennifer Esposito Solina
Omar Epps Marcus
Sean Patrick Thomas Trick
Danny Masterson Nightshade
Lochlyn Munro Eddie
Tig Fong Dax
Tony Munch Charlie
Jeri Ryan Valerie Sharpe
Shane West J.T.
Nathan Fillion Father David
Director: Patrick Lussier
Producer: W.K. Border,Joel Soisson
Writer: Joel Soisson,Patrick Lussier
I love vampire pictures!
I love vampire pictures! This is one of the best I've seen. It was a good idea to set it mainly in New Orleans; it fitted well with the feel of the movie.

Jonny Lee Miller rocked as the hero, quickly finding his feet in the battle against the undead.

The guy playing Dracula was also excellent, scary but attractive at the same time. The special effects were brilliant, helping to create some really creepy scenes.

I also liked that the film was tongue in cheek in places. It didn't rely mainly on gore, like John Carpenter's Vampires which I thought was pointless and dull.

Full marks for this one.

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Imdb rating: 4.7
Musician: Marco Beltrami
Running time: 99 min
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