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Do the Right Thing (1989)
USA / English
"It's the hottest day of the summer. You can do nothing, you can do something, or you can..."
On the hottest day of the year on a street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, everyone's hate and bigotry smolders and builds until it explodes into violence.
Ossie Davis Da Mayor
Danny Aiello Sal
Giancarlo Esposito Buggin Out
Richard Edson Vito
Spike Lee Mookie
Ruby Dee Mother Sister
Bill Nunn Radio Raheem
John Turturro Pino
Paul Benjamin ML
Rosie Perez Tina
Robin Harris Sweet Dick Willie
Frankie Faison Coconut Sid
Steve White Ahmad
Leonard L. Thomas Punchy (as Leonard Thomas)
Samuel L. Jackson Mister Señor Love Daddy (as Sam Jackson)
Director: Spike Lee
Producer: Spike Lee
Writer: Spike Lee
practically the definition of a must-see movie
I have heard people describe Spike Lee as a second-rate filmmaker; all I have to say is that second-rate filmmakers do not make films like this. Do the Right Thing is a masterpiece in both style and substance, and Im hard pressed to think of a more powerful, earth-shattering film.

But first, let's talk about the style. The color palette of the movie is wonderful; while its mostly deep reds, they manage to bring home the feeling that the residents of Bed-Stuy must have been feeling on that day. The cinematography is excellent... it features a lot of weird viewpoints and angles, but they are used to great effect and manage to work within the style of the film. One thing that really managed to impress me about the film is the razor sharp dialogue... each character has their own style of talking, and it really works well. This is a masterfully written film.

Now the substance... this movie manages to spiral into a truly spectacular ending. Throughout, its easy to see the necessary elements building, and, when it happens, it hardly seems like a surprise, but that doesn't make it any less shattering. The way that each character acts defines this movie throughout, especially at the end! Spike Lee does a brilliant job here. The movie is interesting and well-made throughout; each of the characters are three-dimensional and feel like real human beings - their motivation is understood throughout.

Do the Right Thing is a brilliant movie that never lags and never lets up. It manages to be vastly entertaining and vastly powerful at the same time. It's truly an amazing achievement in film, and its a shame it was not recognized more for its obvious brilliance when it was released in 1989.

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Imdb rating: 7.8
Musician: Bill Lee
Running time: 120 min
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