The Devil Wears Prada
Öga rött, Ett

Dirt (2001)
USA / English
"Will you be our mommy? "
When the mother of Junior and his younger brother Scooter, twenty-something, dies, they realize they need a woman around the house...
Tracy Fraim Scooter (as Trace Fraim)
Michael Covert Junior Beal McCoy
Jack Kehler Bill
Tara Chocol DeDe
Shirley A. Williams Customer
Bethany 'Rose' Hill Baby
Patrick Warburton Vincent
Jennifer Tilly Hooker
Angel Pregnant Crack Ho
Sandra Horse Girly Bar Dancer
Fiona Curtis Girly Bar Waitress
Michael Horse Native American Convict
Kyle B. Peek Vincent's Deputy
Daniel Beer Sheriff's Deputy
Rick A. Hamilton Bank President
Director: Michael Covert,Tracy Fraim
Producer: Trudi Callon,Kirk Hassig
Writer: Michael Covert
Homespun black comedy with lots of charm and laughs
I also saw this film at The Los Angeles Film Festival, and what a joy! It made me think of the kinds of great films the Coen brothers used to make before people gave them a lot of money. An outstanding example of what a film maker can accomplish with great material, charming actors, and a cinematographer who knows how to shoot a picture, even when you're dealing with a limited budget. This film is full of gun humor without being overtly violent, and yet when it does pull the violence trigger, usually gets laughs instead of blood. Ironically this film also delivers a very real emotional punch. The best American films always deliver their heros in the end with some sort of salvation, and this film doesn't disappoint. It's not conventional, but definitely leaves you feeling good about the human condition and the possibilities that love can bring, even in the most diverse ways. A true gem, it will be a sad statement on the state of Hollywood if some company doesn't give this flick a theatrical release so audiences everywhere can embrace it.

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Imdb rating: 6.0
Musician: Tommy Coster
Running time: 102 min
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