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"Frasier" (1993)
USA / English
Dr. Frasier Crane moves back to his hometown of Seattle where he lives with his father and works as a radio psychiatrist.
Kelsey Grammer Dr. Frasier Crane (263 episodes, 1993-2004)
David Hyde Pierce Dr. Niles Crane (263 episodes, 1993-2004)
John Mahoney Martin Crane (263 episodes, 1993-2004)
Peri Gilpin Roz Doyle (261 episodes, 1993-2004)
Jane Leeves Daphne Moon / ... (258 episodes, 1993-2004)
Moose Eddie (194 episodes, 1993-2003)
Enzo the Dog Eddie (104 episodes, 1993-2004)
Producer: Suzanne Martin,Gayle Abrams,David Lloyd,William Lucas Walker
Frasier has left the television!
I loved Frasier, the arrogant, pompus, jackass shrink we all came

to know and love in Cheers. We knew very little about Frasier then. Kelsey Grammer, who played him, didn't even join the cast until about a year or two after it aired. According to Cheers, Frasier's parents were dead, and he didn't have a brother. NBC played

musical chairs with the show over its eleven year run. It aired on Thursdays after Seinfeld, then it was moved to Tuesdays, then

back to Thursdays, then back to Tuesdays. It was enough to make

your head spin. Frasier introduced us to a whole new cast of

characters---Roz Doyle, played ably by Peri Gilpin, (although Lisa Kudrow, Friends 1994,) was originally up for the role of the horny, man-crazy, producer. We had Niles, Frasier's equally pompus, but hypochondriac brother, who was always mooning over Martin's allegedly psychic physical therapist, Daphne Moon, (pun definitely intended. Get it? Mooning?) Niles was married to the never-seen, always talked about, always maligned, Maris, who was the butt of jokes, just like Norm's wife, Vera, was in the aforementioned

Cheers. After leaving Boston, Frasier Crane returned to his

hometown of Seattle, Washington, home of Starbuck's, Amazon.com, and the Cafe Nervosa, a small coffee shop where Frasier and Niles meet every day for coffee and to talk about their day. Niles is in private practice. He think's Frasier's a sellout

because he's a bigtime radio shrink. Although in one episode,

Frasier went to psychiatry convention in Denver, and Niles filled in for him. Then there was Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe. The macho man

host of a sports talk show at KACL. He was the stereotypical male chauvinist pig. At the end of the third season, a group of Hispanic investors bought the station, and fired the entire staff. Frasier was so distraught he tried to write songs to get past it. There was the time he crashed a funeral. He also remembered having a crush

on his piano teacher. There was the time he dated a swimsuit designer and ran into Lilith, his ex-wife, in Bora Bora, (hubba,

hubba!) The time he went to Mexico and slept with a supermodel

played by Sisters' Sela Ward, and nobody believed him, so he took a picture of her while she slept, and she broke up with him over it. The time Roz went to a Halloween party dressed as O, (Oh!), a Japanese superhero who changed sexes after being immersed in water, and got knocked up by a younger man. Want more? Watch it for yourself. However, if you should see the ones Bibi Glasier, the Agent from Hell, you'll die laughing.

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