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Cool Money (2005)
USA / English
Charismatic thief Bobby Comfort (James Marsters) escapes from prison, clears himself of all charges...
James Marsters Bobby Comfort
John Cassini Sammy Nalo
Larry Manetti Det. Ed O'Connor
Wayne Robson Doc
Robin Brûlé Stephanie Comfort
Jason Schombing Phil Parris
Margot Kidder Peggy Comfort
Dennis Akayama District Attorney (as Denis Akiyama)
Randy Butcher Prison Guard
Kira Clavell The Queen
Jennifer Coburn Navarro Maid #2
Rene Bishop Undercover Fence (as Rene Curley)
Louis Di Bianco Older Guy
Carlos Diaz Bank Officer
Conrad Dunn City
Director: Gary Burns
Producer: Aaron Barnett
Writer: Shelley Evans,Marvin J. Wolf
Only for the true James fans
I've noticed that almost everyone that commented was a James Marsters fan. I like others only tuned in especially to watch him as an avid fan. How truly disappointed I was. It was very slow paced and several of the actors were so flat in their lines I felt zero emotion for 90 percent of them. I realize this was based on a true story and plots are limited but I think James should have passed on this one for his first breakout after Angel. He is far more talented than this boring, passionless script. It was refreshing to listen to James without his "accent" and also a fan to his books on tape, I was so looking forward to seeing this as most were. I feel most adult fans will unfortunately look over the fact that James Marsters is in this and concentrate on the story and not the star. Hey I'd watch James shovel snow for five hours with no complaints from me, but movie makers need to find a script that is worthy of him. He has range people use him!

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 6.2
Musician: John Abram
Running time: 90 min / USA
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