The Cell
Öga rött, Ett

Cellular (2004)
USA / English
"If the signal dies so does she. "
A young man receives an emergency phone call on his cell phone from an older woman. The catch? The woman claims to have been kidnapped; and the kidnappers have targeted her husband and child next.
Nikki Christian Porsche Girl
Paige Cannon Girl at Concert
Richard Burgi Craig Martin
Robin Brenner Excitable Customer
Chantille Boudousque Chloe's Chilly Friend
Chelsea Bloch Surf Girl's Friend
Chase Bloch Timid Boy
Jessica Biel Chloe
Will Beinbrink Young Security Guard
Kim Basinger Jessica Martin
Brenda Ballard Irate Customer #1
Caroline Aaron Marilyn Mooney
John Churchill Young Guard
Greg Collins Aging Security Guard
Valerie Cruz Dana Bayback
Marco DiMaio Superior Officer (as Marco Dimaio)
Eddie Driscoll Crewcut Officer
Tagert Ellis Kid in Phone Store
Noah Emmerich Jack Tanner
John Ennis Rent a Cop #1
Eric Etebari Dmitri
Chris Evans Ryan
Erin Foster Surf Girl
Willie Gault Detector Operator
Noe Gonzalez Rent a Cop #2
Adam Taylor Gordon Ricky Martin
Ernie Grunwald Busy Salesman
James Hinkle Skater Boy
Rick Hoffman Lawyer
Summer Hubbell Beach Girl's Friend
Lenore Kasdorf Ticket Checker
Brendan Kelly Mad Dog
Chuck Kelley Tense Guard
Mark Kubr Eurotrash Man
Robert Lawrence Auto Theft Detective
Adam Lieberman Irate Customer #2
Lexi Lieth Beach Girl
Kate London Newscaster at 457 Store
William H. Macy Sgt. Bob Mooney
Matt McColm Deason
Esther Mercado Rosario (as Esther 'Tita' Mercado)
Robert Shaye Detective Looking Guy (as L.E. Moko)
Mircea Monroe Chloe's Friend
Rob Nagle Paramedic
Eric Christian Olsen Chad
Dat Phan Vietnamese Artist
Rachel Reynolds Videogame Babe
Ron Roggé Athletic Officer
Lara Romanoff Eurotrash Girlfriend
Lauren Sanchez News Anchor #2
Al Sapienza False Craig
Lorna Scott Bank Teller
Lin Shaye Exotic Car Driver
Sherri Shepherd Jaded Cashier
Sean Smith Perky Salesman
Jason Statham Ethan
Paul Sunderland News Anchor #1
Bobb'e J. Thompson Lil Rapper (as Bobbe'J Turner-Thompson)
Ishtar Uhvana Busy Saleswoman
Afsoun Yazdian Airline Passenger
Gina-Raye Carter Party Girl (uncredited)
Mary Castro Bikini Girl (uncredited)
John Cenatiempo Howie (uncredited)
Matt Clifford Carnival Guest (uncredited)
Dean Devlin Cab Driver (uncredited)
Garrett Dutton Himself (uncredited)
Colby Greening School Boy (uncredited)
Michael Kozak Paul (uncredited)
Andrew Michaelson School Boy (uncredited)
Gino Montesinos Gangbanger (uncredited)
Gina Moore Bikini Beachgoer (uncredited)
Alana Morshead Specialty Girl (uncredited)
Neal Orion Beach Bum (uncredited)
Brandon Osborne School Boy (uncredited)
LynNita Puma Private School Mother (uncredited)
Jenilee Reyes (uncredited)
Kid Richmond Boy at Concert (uncredited)
Summer Still Skater (uncredited)
Danielle Stratton Beach Girl (uncredited)
Scott Alan Taylor Flight Attendant (uncredited)
Ken Weiner Foreign Traveler (uncredited)
Peter Weireter Sergeant (uncredited)
Director: David R. Ellis
Producer: Dean Devlin,Lauren Lloyd
Writer: Larry Cohen,Chris Morgan
Highly entertaining
A popcorn thriller that draws heavily on PHONE BOOTH for its inspiration (written by the same guy, Larry Cohen), CELLULAR take us on one heck of a ride right from the opening sequence, as a bunch of bad guys kidnap a woman (Kim Basinger), Her only contact with the outside world accidentally becomes a young man (Chris Evans) with a cell phone, hence the title. William Macy as a retiring cop (shades of FALLING DOWN!) and Jason Statham as the main bad guy (and whose name is curiously missing from the IMDb credits for this film) lend able support. A harrowing car chase forms the centerpiece of this mindless but thoroughly enjoyable action flick, just as a huge chain accident formed the heart of the director's previous FINAL DESTINATION 2. The movie remains taut throughout, but it also has deft moments of comedy, to remind us we're watching a movie. In particular, watch for the scene where Evans is in desperate need of a cell phone charger. It's hysterical.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 6.5
Musician: John Ottman
Running time: 94 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [Swedish]
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