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Breaking the Da Vinci Code (2005)
USA / English
"The Da Vinci Code...Fact or fiction "
Everyone wants to know. Is Dan Brown's best selling fiction thriller 'The Da Vinci Code' novel, really fact or fiction...
Director: David Priest
Producer: David W. Balsiger
Writer: Joseph Meier
Not Entirely Honest
Not a very good documentary. The credentials and affiliations of the "experts" are never made clear (another reviewer has gone to the trouble of looking them up and they are all Christian believers, one Roman Catholic and the rest conservative to fundamentalist clergy).

My problem is that they misrepresent the actual age of the four canonical gospels, stating that they are "contemporary" to the events described. Nothing could be further from the truth. The earliest gospel, Mark, was written two generations after the supposed crucifixion of Jesus.

Thus, we have "experts" debunking the book with "facts" that have themselves been debunked.


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Imdb rating: 4.5
Musician: Jay Stocker
Running time: 120 min
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