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Bowling for Columbine (2002)
Canada / English
"Are we a nation of gun nuts or are we just nuts? "
Filmmaker Michael Moore explores the roots of America's predilection for gun violence.
Jacobo Arbenz Himself, President of Guatemala (archive footage) (as President Arbenz)
Mike Bradley Himself, Mayor of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Arthur A. Busch Himself, County prosecutor, Flint, Michigan (as Arthur Busch)
George Bush Himself (archive footage) (as Bush)
George W. Bush Himself, President of the United States (archive footage)
Michael Caldwell Himself, police detective
Richard Castaldo Himself, Columbine victim
Dick Clark Himself, restaurant owner
Steve Davis Himself, deputy sheriff (archive footage)
Byron Dorgan Himself (archive footage)
Mike Epstein Shopper in Mall
Joe Farmer Himself, superintendent of schools (archive footage)
Mike Fasolo Corporate Criminal (DVD only) (archive footage)
Denny Fennell Himself, home security consultant
Barry Glassner Himself, author of "The Culture of Fear" (as Prof. Barry Glassner)
John Harris Himself (voice)
Richard Herlan Himself
Charlton Heston Himself, actor/NRA president
Jeremy Hicks Himself, suspended student for wearing kilts (archive footage)
Ernest F. Hollings Himself (archive footage) (as Senator Fritz Hollings)
Jimmie Hughes Herself, principal of Buell Elementary School
Dick Hurlin Himself, former producer of "Cops"
Amanda Lamante Herself, Columbine student
Mary Lorenz Herself, K-Mart official
Marilyn Manson Himself, entertainer
Daniel Mauser Himself (archive footage)
Tom Mauser Himself, father of victim
Evan McCollum Himself, Lockheed Martin public relations
Timothy McVeigh Himself, Oklahoma City bomber (archive footage)
Carey McWilliams Himself, blind gun owner (archive footage)
Gerald Miller Himself, Welfare-to-Work creator (archive footage)
Michael Moore Himself/Narrator
Mohammed Mossadegh Himself, Prime Minister of Iran (archive footage) (as Prime Minister Mossadeq)
Dinh Diem Ngo Himself, President of South Vietnam (archive footage) (as President Diem)
James Nichols Himself, brother of Terry Nichols
Terry Nichols Himself, Oklahoma City bombing accomplice (archive footage)
Manuel Noriega Himself, President of Panama (archive footage)
Tamarla Owens Herself, mother of boy who shot girl (archive footage)
Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Himself, Shah of Iran (archive footage)
Robert J. Pickell Himself, sheriff of Flint, Michigan (as Sheriff Robert Pickell)
Augusto Pinochet Himself, Chilean dictator (archive footage)
Jeff Rossen Himself, FOX reporter (archive footage)
David Satcher Himself (archive footage) (as Dr. David Satcher)
Nicole Schlief Herself
David Smith Himself, Sarah's husband (voice) (archive footage)
Susan Smith Herself, child murderess (archive footage)
Matt Stone Himself, former Columbine student
Mark Taylor Himself, Columbine victim
Director: Michael Moore
Producer: Charles Bishop,Jim Czarnecki,Michael Donovan,Kathleen Glynn,Michael Moore
Writer: Michael Moore
Brilliant Questions, if not answers
IMHO many of the best movies about social problems only have to ask good questions, rather than preach solutions to the audience. Do the Right Thing and Traffic are two examples of this phenomenon, and Bowling for Columbine is certainly in this category. Moore asks all the right questions about America's culture of violence - not just gun violence - and comes away as confused as we are about the possible solutions. I'm glad he didn't just point the finger at gun ownership, movies, religion, or any one thing as the bogeyman which brings us such horror.

The only problem I had with the film was Moore's treatment of Charlton Heston, who (as we know now) suffers from Alzheimer's Disease. It was painfully obvious from Moore's interview that Chuck ain't as sharp as he once was, and he made an unfortunate slip of the lip that might lead the audience to think he's a racist. I don't know the guy, but I do know he marched on Washington with MLK Jr., back when being down was not cool at all. So IMHO he's earned the benefit of a doubt on that particular issue.

Overall, a great, great movie that everyone should see. There is some graphic violence of people actually getting shot, so those with weak stomachs may wish to skip it.

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