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Beerfest (2006)
USA / English
"Brewed in 2006 "
Two brothers travel to Germany for Oktoberfest, only to stumble upon secret, centuries-old competition described as a "Fight Club" with beer games.
M.C. Gainey Priest
Paul Soter Jan Wolfhouse
Erik Stolhanske Todd Wolfhouse/Young Baron Ludwig
Cloris Leachman Great Gam Gam
Jürgen Prochnow Baron Wolfgang von Wolfhausen (as Juergen Prochnow)
Cameron Scher Helmut
Owain Yeoman Aussie Sailor #1
Tom Tate Aussie Sailor #2
Allan Graf Soup Waiter
Chris Moss German Producer
Bjorn Johnson Mr. Schniedelwichsen (as Bjørn Johnson)
Kevin Heffernan Landfill/Gil/Sausage Lady
Jay Chandrasekhar Barry/Blind Sikh
Steve Lemme Fink/Emcee
Collin Thornton Little Boy
Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
Producer: Bill Gerber,Richard Perello
Writer: Jay Chandrasekhar,Kevin Heffernan
Beerfest is kinda like Snakes on a Plane
You can't go in to this movie expecting it to be a great piece of art, the director did after all do "Dukes of Hazard" but it is mildly entertaining and has a few moments where it shines. To be as concise as I can be- It is funny, it makes you want to go to Munich and drink lots of beer (just like Goodfellas makes me want to smoke cigarettes) and it has a good heart. In my neck of the woods a matinée is $7.50 and that was about what I'd say it was worth. It can vary slightly at times from the plot to make a bad joke, and it gets a little hokey after the funeral (I'm not spoiling anything there) but it has a few classic lines, some interesting comments on society and American prejudices, dishes slightly below the belt without offending anyone, is filled with toilet humor, and throws in some eye candy to (das) boot. If you know your Germanic cinema history there are some subtle and not so subtle homages. Just like SoaP, don't go in expecting art, and you will come out with a smile. Ribbit!

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 6.3
Musician: Nathan Barr
Running time: 110 min
Subtitles: inga
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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