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Tampopo (1985)
"The first Japanese noodle western!"
Tsutomu Yamazaki Goro
Nobuko Miyamoto Tampopo
Ken Watanabe Gun
Kôji Yakusho Man in White Suit
Rikiya Yasuoka Pisuken
Mario Abe Resutoran no shachô
Izumi Hara Old woman, pressing Camembert cheese
Isao Hashizume Waiter
Hisashi Igawa Running man
Kensô Katô Hira
Toshimune Kato Young Employee
Yoshihiro Kato /td>
Yoshi Kato Noodle-making master
Fukumi Kuroda Man in White Suit's Mistress
Nobuo Nakamura Old gentleman
Mariko Okada Supageti sensei
Hideji Otaki Rich Old Man
Ryutaro Otomo Râmen no sensei
Yoshihei Saga Sararîman
Kinzoh Sakura Shohei
Setsuko Shino Old Man's Mistress
Hitoshi Takagi Restaurant Owner
Choei Takahashi Sararîman
Akio Tanaka Sararîman
Masahiko Tsugawa Sûpâ no shachô
Yoriko Douguchi Pearl Diver (uncredited)
Narutoshi Hayashi (uncredited)
Producer: Seigo Hosogoe,Juzo Itami,Yasushi Tamaoki
Writer: Juzo Itami
Itami's style fits nicely
The way each scene in Tampopo seems to lead into the next really jarred me when I first started to watch it. Movies with multiple plot lines will often create glaring differences between the scenes, but Itami did the opposite. Ending the bicycle workout scene (with Goro and Tampopo) with the business party walking into the restaurant where the "How to eat Italian food" lesson took place, which, upon conclusion found the camera following a waiter BACK to the business party all occurred seamlessly and left a grin on my face no one else in the room understood. In fact, the pace of the film is very conducive to the second and third viewings. Well, that's my excuse for why none of my friends found it quite as entertaining.

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User credit 2:750
Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 7.6
Musician: Kunihiko Murai
Running time: 114 min
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