Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

10,000 BC (2008)
"It takes a hero to change the world. "
Steven Strait D'Leh
Camilla Belle Evolet
Cliff Curtis Tic'Tic
Joel Virgel Nakudu
Affif Ben Badra Warlord
Mo Zinal Ka'Ren
Nathanael Baring Baku
Mona Hammond Old Mother
Marco Khan One-Eye
Reece Ritchie Moha
Joel Fry Lu'kibu
Omar Sharif Narrator
Kristian Beazley D'Leh's Father
Junior Oliphant Tudu
Louise Tu'u Baku's Mother
Jacob Renton Young D'Leh
Grayson Hunt Urwin Young Evolet
Farouk Valley-Omar High Priest
Boubacar Badaine Quina
Joe Vaz Chief of Guards
Charles Baloyi Gatto
Tim Barlow Pyramid God
Gabriel Malema Kawu
Mark Simmons Sono
Hannah Westbury Cala
Antonio Fisher Young Priest #1
Steven Afrikaner Young Priest #2
David Dennis Slave Guard #1
Antonio Caprari Slave Guard #2
Matthew Navin Young Ka'ren
Nimiah Rodgers Young Moha
Kolby Pistak Young Lu'Kibu
Ben Hart Young Hunter #1
Ben Coyle-Larner Young Hunter #2
Joshua Peters Young Hunter #3
Heberth Somaeb River Tribe Chief
Sadrag Nakale Old Hunter
Mykhail Cohen Young Child #1
Janine Manuel Young Child #2
Kabelo Murray Young Child #3
Producer: Roland Emmerich,Mark Gordon,Michael Wimer
Writer: Roland Emmerich,Harald Kloser
I enjoyed ID4, Day After Tomorrow. I'll admit it. This 'film' is awful. What a mess. It takes elements from all other fantasy/scifi/epics and is so cliché'd its an absolute train wreck. Is it an epic? NO. A monster / dinosaur movie? No. Is it a thinly veiled romanctic film akin to Braveheart? NO Is it a gore fest? No. The CGI is NOT that good and rather uninspired. I'd rewatch Jurassic Park and still be in awe compared to this. This movie never made up what it wanted to be. Not that it ever got that far. The climax which is perhaps the only redeeming factor ends so horrifically stupid. It has terrific production values and costume design. Kudos for those...everything else is unremarkable, what a waste.

Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 4.9
Musician: Harald Kloser
Running time: 109 min
Everything else:
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