10,000 BC

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)
Three American brothers who have not spoken to each other in a year set off on a train voyage across India with a plan to find themselves and bond with each other -- to become brothers again like they used to be. Their
Owen Wilson Francis L. Whitman
Adrien Brody Peter L. Whitman
Jason Schwartzman Jack L. Whitman
Amara Karan Rita
Wallace Wolodarsky Brendan
Waris Ahluwalia The Chief Steward
Irfan Khan The Father (as Irrfan Khan)
Barbet Schroeder The Mechanic
Camilla Rutherford Alice
Bill Murray The Businessman
Anjelica Huston Sister Patricia Whitman
Mr. A.P. Singh Taxi Driver (as A.P. Singh)
Kumar Pallana Old Man
Dalpat Singh Waiter
Trudy Matthys German Lady #1
Margot Goedroes German Lady #2
Hitesh Sindi Electronics Vendor
Kishen Lal Shoe Vendor
Bhawani Sankar Pepper Spray Vendor
Mukhtiar Bhai Pet Shop Vendor
Suraj Kumar Shoeshine Boy
Kapil Dubey Boy on Bicycle
Mulchand Dedhia Engineer
Dinesh Bishnoi Oldest Boy
Mukesh Bishnoi Middle Boy
Ramesh Bishnoi Youngest Boy
Sriharsh Sharma Boy with Handkerchief
Chanduram Bishnoi Village Elder
Sajjanji Bishnoi Doctor
Pukaram Bishnoi Old Man in Village
Shushila Devi Mother
Ratan Lal Ji Villager
Mularam Bishnoi Villager
Anand Pathe Villager
Bhawar Lal Villager
Kaana Ram Villager
Rupa Ram Villager
Shava Ram Villager
Bhura Ram Villager
Buramji Ram Villager
Tuka Ram Villager
Bhanwar Singh Villager
Moti Ram Villager
Kishna Ram Villager
Khewal Ram Paliwal Villager
Rajeev Acharya Villager
Jai Prakash Sharma Man on Bus
Badrhi Dave Hindu Priest
Vincetta Easley Garage Cahier
John Joseph Gallagher Tow Truck Driver
G.B. Singh Pilot Captain
Bhavna Narang Flight Attendant
Sunil Chhabra Co-Pilot
Narender Singh Hada Co-Pilot
Thupten Gyatso Oberoi
Gurdeep Singh Chief Steward - Bengal Lancer
Charu Shankar Stewardess - Bengal Lancer
Natalie Portman Jack's X-Girlfriend
Producer: Wes Anderson,Roman Coppola,Lydia Dean Pilcher,Scott Rudin
Writer: Wes Anderson,Roman Coppola
Second only to
I admit that arrogance is in the atmosphere of all of Wes Anderson's films and his style will probably never change, but I LOVE every single one of them (even the overblown "The Life Aquatic" gets me giddy). He knows how to push my emotional buttons and entertain the hell out of me, something that I find rare in most movies I watch. Usually if I want to be entertained, I feel the movie has to compromise the emotional value and vice versa. With Wes, I'm laughing, being entertained by the characters AND caring for them. The second that Adrien Brody ran past Bill Murray in slow motion running toward the train as The Kinks' "This Time Tomorrow" kicked in, my heart started racing at the idea that I was about to watch a new film by Wes, which I look at as something special that comes every few years. Wes' detractors complain that he is a pretentious one-trick pony, a true statement, but to me, not a negative one because I love his universe and I love being invited into it in every one of his films. While I love both of them, I occasionally wish that Tim Burton would make a film that wasn't some kind of Gothic fairy tale, or that Paul Thomas Anderson would make a film that didn't star his own ego. With Wes, I want him to just continue what he's been doing: keep using his same awesome style while taking baby steps of progress. The writing, acting, directing, soundtrack, production design and cinematography (okay, EVERYTHING) are top-notch in "The Darjeeling Limited". Hell, if "Rushmore" wasn't such a damn masterpiece, I'd say Wes has made his best film yet.

Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 7.5
Running time: 91 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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