10,000 BC

Se upp för dårarna (2007)
Two girls of different background, one a immigrant from Turkey and the other a girl that needs to get out of her fathers shadow both apply to the police academy were they become close friends.
Rakel Wärmländer Elin
Nina Zanjani Yasmin
Dan Ekborg Ulf Enecke
Birgitte Söndergaard Ewa Enecke
Korhan Abay Sinan
Zinat Pirzadeh Ayse
Ulla Akselson Old neighbour
Jörgen Bergström Polis
Lars Bethke Stefan Ljungsäter
Ralph Carlsson Doctor
Stella Enciso Dilek Demiroglu
Jessica Forsberg Sjuksyster
Erik Johansson Axel Enecke
Ylva Lööf Doctor Nygård
Ulrika Nilsson Herself - Nyhetsankare
Dennis Önder Ravi
Rasim Oztekin Turkish minister
Mattias Redbo Henke Larsson
Bisse Unger Pojke i skolan
Lars Väringer Roland Ljungberg
Producer: Colin Nutley
Writer: Helena Bergström,Denize Karabuda
Sweden's version of police academy
this is both emotional and funny. one of many few really good Swedish films out there... big credits to Helena Bergström for her excellent work.

First of I would like to point out how hard it is for people to get into the police academy in Sweden. the standard is higher then the most country's.

And actually thats whats this movie is all about.

secondly the humor in this movie is quite funny, really funny in some parts. the family plots whit the father problems is as Im made to believe based upon a true story.

You could say that this is a Swedish version of the police academy. there is only one movie based on the same sort of movies from Sweden and it is Kopps.. a really nice piece.

but again thanks for this lovely movie..

Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 5.1
Running time: 103 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [Swedish]
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