10,000 BC

The Untouchables (1987)
"The Chicago Dream is that big "
Federal Agent Elliot Ness sets out to take out Al Capone; because of rampant corruption, he assembles a small, hand-picked team.
Kevin Costner Eliot Ness
Sean Connery Jim Malone
Charles Martin Smith Agent Oscar Wallace
Andy Garcia Agent George Stone
Robert De Niro Al Capone
Richard Bradford Police Chief Mike Dorsett
Jack Kehoe Walter Payne
Brad Sullivan George
Billy Drago Frank Nitti
Patricia Clarkson Catherine Ness
Vito D'Ambrosio Bowtie Driver
Steven Goldstein Scoop
Peter Aylward Lt. Anderson
Don Harvey Officer Preseuski
Robert Swan Mountie Captain
John J. Walsh Bartender
Del Close Alderman
Colleen Bade Mrs. Blackmer
Greg Noonan Shooting Range Master
Sean Grennan Cop Cousin
Larry Viverito Sr. Italian Waiter
Kevin Michael Doyle Williamson
Mike Bacarella Overcoat Hood
Michael P. Byrne Ness' Clerk
Kaitlin Montgomery Ness' Daughter
Aditra Kohl Blackmer Girl
Charles Keller Watson Reporter
Larry Brandenburg Reporter
Chelcie Ross Reporter
Tim Gamble Reporter
Sam Smiley Bailiff
Pat Billingsley Bailiff
John Bracci Fat Man
Jennifer Anglin Woman in Elevator
Eddie Minasian Butler
Anthony Mockus Sr. Judge (as Tony Mockus Sr.)
Will Zahrn Defense Attorney
Louie Lanciloti Barber (as Louis Lanciloti)
Vince Viverito Bodyguard
Valentino Cimo Bodyguard
Joe Greco Bodyguard
Clem Caserta Bodyguard
Bob Martana Bodyguard
Joseph Scianablo Bodyguard
George S. Spataro Bodyguard
Melody Rae Union Station Woman
Robert Miranda Gunned Head
James Guthrie Pagliacci
Basil Reale Hotel Clerk
John Barrowman (uncredited)
Jimmy Borto Court Reporter (uncredited)
Ernest Capponi Gangster at Round Table (uncredited)
Jack Fitzstephens Train Announcer (uncredited)
Patricia E. Harrington Street Person (uncredited)
Clifton James District Attorney (uncredited)
Producer: Art Linson
Writer: Oscar Fraley,Eliot Ness
Never stop fighting till the fight is done, here endeth the lesson.
As good a gangster movie that has ever been made as DePalma does justice to Mamet's electric script. The acting on show is right out of the top draw, the inevitable ease that DeNiro puts menace into Capone is quite impressive, whilst the fresh faced pugnacious tenacity of Andy Garcia's George Stone is something of a delightful watch, yet that is not enough because we still need the central actors to carry the film if it is going to triumph.Connery is a given {accent aside of course, but who cares when the character portrayal is as sharp as it is here ?}, but it is Costner as Eliot Ness that shines like the star he was soon to become, it's a magic performance that manages to fuse genuine tenderness of family love with little trips to the dark side in pursuit of making good triumph over evil.

I love that the film is showing how violence and fear affects families, mother and child is a theme that is central to the films heartbeat, notice how some of the more violent scenes are followed by tender scenes of Ness and his family. The set pieces here are fine entertainment, a roaring Canadian border rumpus and a smashing roof top pursuit and face off are top value, but it's something of DePalma gold watching a brilliant Battleship Potemkin homage at the train station that takes the cake.

Historical fact does not matter when films are as sharp as this, it's frightening, touching, and even witty, for me the film is 10/10 in every department {yes, even Sean's accent}.

Footnote: The academy saw fit to nominate Ennio Morricone for his wonderful score, yet strangely he used most of it for John Carpenters 1982 film The Thing, they missed that I presume !.


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