10,000 BC

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988)
"The Villain. Even Mother Teresa wanted him dead. "
Incompetent cop Frank Drebbin has to foil an attempt to assasinate Queen Elizabeth II.
Leslie Nielsen Lt. Frank Drebin
Priscilla Presley Jane Spencer
Ricardo Montalban Vincent Ludwig
George Kennedy Capt. Ed Hocken
O.J. Simpson Det. Nordberg
Susan Beaubian Wilma Nordberg
Nancy Marchand Mayor Barkley
Raye Birk Papshmir
Jeannette Charles Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II
Ed Williams Ted Olsen
Tiny Ron Al, Tall Lab Tech
'Weird Al' Yankovic Weird Al Yankovic
Leslie Maier Herself
Winifred Freedman Stephanie
Joe Grifasi Pier 32 Dockman
Tony Brafa Enrico Pallazzo
Lorali Hart Woman on Ledge
Nicholas Worth Thug #1
Ronald G. Joseph Thug #27
Doris Hess Nurse #2
Charlotte Zucker Dominique, Ludwig's Secretary
Larry Pines Drug Dealer #1
Tom Dugan Drug Dealer #2
Burton Zucker Airport Photographer
David Katz Arafat
Robert LuJane Khadafi (as Robert Lujane)
Charles Gherardi Khomeini (as Charles Gherard)
Prince Hughes Idi Amin
David Lloyd Austin Gorbachev
Ken Minyard Ken
Robert Arthur Bob (as Bob Arthur)
Greg Breslau Man Deleted from Fireworks Scene
Sharon Breslau Woman Deleted from Fireworks Scene
Reggie Jackson Angels Rightfielder
Michael J. Montes Angels Shortstop
Charles Fick Angels Catcher
Lawrence Tierney Angels Manager
Hank Robinson First Base Umpire
Joe West Third Base Umpire
Jay Johnstone Seattle First Up
Randy Harvey Seattle Pitcher
Brett Bartlett Seattle Centerfielder
Dennis Packer Baseball PA Announcer
Dick Vitale Baseball Announcer
Dick Enberg Baseball Announcer
Jim Palmer Baseball Announcer
Mel Allen Baseball Announcer
Curt Gowdy Baseball Announcer
Tim McCarver Baseball Announcer
Joyce Brothers Baseball Announcer (as Dr. Joyce Brothers)
Don Woodard Airport Reporter
Christopher J. Keene Dock Policeman
Mary Norman Press Conference Panelist
Susan Breslau Woman at Police Station
Rick Seaman Truck Driver
Fredric Arnold Man at Queen's Reception
Ron Tank Press Conference Reporter
Mallory Sandler Nurse #1
Edwina Moore Stadium Official
Jeff Wright Stadium Head Usher
Jim Smith Stadium Janitor
Mark Holton Man in Stadium Crowd
Jane Couris Woman at Stadium
Arthur Lamont Berger Woman Hugger at Stadium (uncredited)
Maureen Flaherty (uncredited)
John Houseman Driving Instructor (uncredited)
Stuart Lancaster Press Conference Toilet Voiceover (uncredited)
Conrad E. Palmisano Hijacked Taurus Driver (uncredited)
Brinke Stevens Woman in Shower (uncredited)
Sydney Urshan Man Pushing Nordberg's Wheelchair (uncredited)
USC Trojan Marching Band Marching Band (uncredited)
Robert K. Weiss Park Hot Dog Vendor (uncredited)
Producer: Robert K. Weiss
Writer: Jim Abrahams,David Zucker
Even when you're not laughing you'll still be chuckling (as long as you're in the mood)
Fresh from tackling terrorism in Beruit, with his own unique hands on style, Lt Frank Drebin is immediately called onto the job to investigate the near fatal shooting of a fellow officer. Det Nordberg was gunned down investigating a case in the docks and Drebin's investigation begins with the company that Nordberg was undercover with – that of pillar of the community Vincent Ludwig. As Frank falls for Ludwig's PA, the beautiful Jane Spencer, he uncovers proof of a dastardly plot by Ludwig – but who will believe him?

If there is a man, woman or child on this earth who can say, hand on heart, that they just don't find Airplane, Naked Gun, Police Squad and the like funny then I would very much like to meet the sad sack just to discover what it takes to elicit a smile from them. Needless to say, this sort of film is very much my type of thing but not to the point where I cannot spot a good one from a bad one. In fact one of the big downsides of this film is that it did create many copies that just couldn't do it as well – so we have had spoofs of all sorts of genres recently, but too many have more hits than misses.

It is to this films credit that it has a very high hit/miss ratio and I enjoy it so much because the laughs keep coming. The material is very silly but it is the constant straight face that it delivers it with that is perfect and makes it work. Other films of the ilk have been overly silly without keeping this straight face. However, our characters here seem oblivious – apart from the odd one who gives the other a funny look etc, and this makes the goings on even funnier. The plot is silly but that doesn't matter as you will be laughing too much to really care. Having seen it so often I have stopped roaring the way I did the first time but I still chuckled all the way.

The writing and direction is spot on – delivering sharp lines that make me laugh due to their sheer unexpectedness or the way they are so very out of place as well as sight gags that are imaginative and clever. However lets not forget a delivery by a very talented cast who make the material work. Praise goes to Nielsen in the lead; he may have worn his role thin over the years with typecasting and, shall we say 'less than perfect' material but give him the tools and he'll do you a job. He can be straight, he can dither or he can just be a clown and he does them all here – his delivery is great whether it's action or reaction shots. Likewise I felt the rest of the cast did well even if most of them are given reaction shots to Drebin. Presley is straight and funny for it while Kennedy seems to fit into the material with ease. OJ doesn't have as much chance to be funny and seems a little stiff in the scenes he is in, but he is still good – just pales a little when next to the others. I love Montalban and he uses his ooze really well in this film – and his reaction shots are very good. The support is all good but it is Nielsen doing his (now) time-honoured turn as spoof-master than steals the show.

Overall I love this genre and consider this film (indeed the series) to be up there with Police Squad and Airplane. It is not as hilarious as Airplane but it has way more hits than misses and is relentlessly funny. As a film it isn't perfect but anyone watching this who complains about plot holes, lack of character development or lack of narrative really have missed the point.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 7.6
Musician: Ira Newborn
Running time: 85 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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