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Safe (1995)
"In the 21st century nobody will be...Safe."
Julianne Moore Carol White
Peter Friedman Peter Dunning
Xander Berkeley Greg White
Susan Norman Linda
Kate McGregor-Stewart Claire (as Kate McGregor Stewart)
Mary Carver Nell
Steven Gilborn Dr. Hubbard
April Grace Susan
Peter Crombie Dr. Reynolds
Ronnie Farer Barbara
Jodie Markell Anita
Lorna Scott Marilyn
James LeGros Chris
Dean Norris Mover
Julie Burgess Aerobics instructor
Martha Velez Fulvia (as Martha Velez-Johnson)
Chauncey Leopardi Rory
Saachiko Dry cleaners manager
Tim Gardner Department store dispatcher
Wendy Haynes Waitress
Allan Wasserman Client
Jean St. James Client's wife (as Jean Pflieger)
Janel Moloney Hairdresser
Brendan Dolan Patrolman
John Apicella Psychiatrist
Dana Anderson Lynn
Wendy Gayle Baby shower mother
Cassy Friel Baby shower child
Frank Dent Video narrator
Sarah Scott Davis Sarah
Beth Grant Becky (auditorium speaker)
Jo Wilkinson Listener #1
Gerrielani Miyazaki Listener #2
Edith Meeks Patient #1
Francesca Roberts Patient #2
Elinor O. Caplan Patient #3
Joe Comando Exterminator
Tricia Dong Wrenwood patient
James Lyons Cab driver
Eleanor Graham Singer
Mitch Greenhill Accompanist
Rio Hackford Lester
Jessica Harper Joyce
Ravi Achar Wrenwood instructor
Brandon Cruz Steve
Producer: Christine Vachon,Lauren Zalaznick
Writer: Todd Haynes
Powerful but understated film with multiple meanings and a bravura performance from Julianne Moore
Although it's been almost ten years since filmmaker Todd Haynes (Velvet Goldmine, Far From Heaven) made Safe, the film's only secured cinematic release in Australia in 2004. As Safe quietly satirises the 80s, the delayed release improves it, adding another layer of perspective to a heroine who lives life in a series of bubbles.

It's 1987, and timid California housewife Carol (a young Julianne Moore) is immersed in upper-middle class minutiae – ensuring her couch is the right colour, sleepwalking through a tepid aerobics class, and submitting to her husband (Greg White from 24). But gradually cracks appear in this pristine life, tiredness, unexplained illness…until she is diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivity. She then moves to Wrenwood, a healing retreat founded by the charismatic Peter (Peter Friedman) – but will this solve her problem? Or is it just another escape? Safe is a very interesting film about a woman so overwhelmed by her environment that she becomes allergic to it. Writer and director Haynes has combined aspects of the disease film (e.g. Love Story) with the psychological thriller – as Carol doesn't know what triggers her symptoms, the audience never knows when she'll have another attack.

While Haymes criticises the New Age belief that illness is psychologically-based, in Carol's case, it's impossible to separate the psychological and physical aspects of her illness. The cinematography shows her dwarfed by her environment and Haymes offers no easy solutions. ***½/***** stars.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 6.9
Musician: Ed Tomney
Running time: 119 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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