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Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
"The hardest thing in life is sell "
An examination of the machinations behind the scenes at a real estate office.
Al Pacino Ricky Roma
Jack Lemmon Shelley Levene
Alec Baldwin Blake
Alan Arkin George Aaronow
Ed Harris Dave Moss
Kevin Spacey John Williamson
Jonathan Pryce James Lingk
Bruce Altman Larry Spannel
Jude Ciccolella Detective
Paul Butler Policeman
Lori Tan Chinn Coat Check Girl
Neal Jones Man in Donut Shop
Barry Rossen Assistant Detective
Leigh French Additional Voices (voice)
George Cheung Additional Voices (voice)
Murphy Dunne Additional Voices (voice)
Dana Lee Additional Voices (voice)
Julie Payne Additional Voices (voice)
Gregory Snegoff Additional Voices (voice) (as Greg Snegoff)
Producer: Jerry Tokofsky,Stanley R. Zupnik
Writer: David Mamet,David Mamet
As a former salesman, this is the most realistic movie ever
I've read the comments about the amount of profanity in this movie..if you've ever worked in a less than ethical sale office, you'll know the language is very real...having worked a few years in telemarketing selling everything from wireless cable licenses to vitamins and ad specs, I can tell you, the dialog is very real.

This is my favorite movie of all time...sure, it's not flashy, upbeat or effect-laden, but it's so realistic that the first time I saw it, I got goosebumps...

Every character in the movie is one that I recognized from my office experiences...the mega-closer mouth piece (Baldwin), the complainers who always complained about the leads (Lemon and Arkin), the office manager who'd never actually sold anything before but had a little rub (Spacey), the hotshot salesman (Pacino)... it was just so real...anyone who's ever worked in a brokerage can tell you about the amounts of profanity in the sales profession...especially high pressure sales...

Ben Affleck's performance in "Boiler Room" has shades of Baldwin's performance in this movie...not a bad thing, just an observation. Baldwin's best acting is this 5 minute scene and his "I am God" speech in "Malice".

Amazing acting all around, tight realistic dialog (first time I saw this, I could almost say the words before they were spoken) Highly recommended! 10

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 7.8
Musician: James Newton Howard
Running time: 100 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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