10,000 BC

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)
"Woman. Warrior. Queen."
An exploration of the relationship between Elizabeth I and the adventurer Sir Walter Raleigh.
Cate Blanchett Queen Elizabeth I
Geoffrey Rush Sir Francis Walsingham
Clive Owen Sir Walter Raleigh
Jordi MollĂ  King Philip ll of Spain
John Shrapnel Lord Howard
Aimee King Infanta
Susan Lynch Annette
Elise McCave Laundry Woman
Samantha Morton Mary Stuart
Abbie Cornish Elizabeth Throckmorton
Penelope McGhie Margaret
Rhys Ifans Robert Reston
Eddie Redmayne Thomas Babington
Stuart McLoughlin Savage
Adrian Scarborough Calley
Robert Styles Palace Doorkeeper
William Houston Don Guerau De Spes
Coral Beed First Court Lady
Rosalind Halstead Second Court Lady
Steven Loton Manteo
Martin Baron Wanchese
David Armand Walsingham's Agent
Steven Robertson Francis Throckmorton
Jeremy Barker Ramsey
George Innes Burton
Adam Godley William Walsingham
Kirstin Smith Mary Walsingham (as Kirstin Coulter Smith)
Kelly Hunter Ursula Walsingham
Christian Brassington Archduke Charles
Robert Cambrinus Count Georg von Helfenstein
Tom Hollander Sir Amyas Paulet
Sam Spruell Torturer
Tim Preece Old Throckmorton
Vidal Sancho Spanish Minister
David Threlfall Dr. John Dee
Benjamin May Dance Master
David Sterne Cellarman
Kate Fleetwood Woman with Baby
Glenn Doherty Royal Servant
Chris Brailsford Dean of Peterborough
Dave Legeno Executioner
Antony Carrick Spanish Archbishop
John Atterbury Marriage Priest
David Robb Admiral Sir William Winter
Alex Giannini First Spanish Officer
Joe Ferrara Second Spanish Officer
Jonathan Bailey Courtier
Alexander Barnes Courtier
Charles Bruce Courtier
Jeremy Cracknell Courtier
Benedict Green Courtier
Adam Smith Courtier
Simon Stratton Courtier
Crispin Swayne Courtier
Kitty Fox Mary Stuart's Lady in Waiting
Kate Lindesay Mary Stuart's Lady in Waiting
Katherine Templar Mary Stuart's Lady in Waiting
Hayley Burroughs Queen Elizabeth’s Lady in Waiting
Kirsty McKay Queen Elizabeth's Lady in Waiting
Lucia Ruck Keene Queen Elizabeth's Lady in Waiting
Lucienne Venisse-Back Queen Elizabeth's Lady in Waiting
Laurence Fox Sir Christopher Hatton
Producer: Tim Bevan,Jonathan Cavendish,Eric Fellner
Writer: William Nicholson,Michael Hirst
Good Fun but Flawed History
Overall I enjoyed the movie. There have been too many recent films about the Tudors and Elizabeth in particular, but this film looks good and it keeps you entertained. It's set at the time of the Spanish Armada in 1588. Elizabeth is shown as tough, smart, and married to her country. She also suffers from bouts of insecurity and irrational jealousies. This film is more hagiographic and melodramatic than its predecessor.

The film tends to ignore the facts when they get in the way of the story. Elizabeth was 55 at the time of the Spanish Armada and she was never a looker. Blanchett's Queen is youngish and attractive. Blanchett's acting performance is powerful and impressive but also a bit stagy. The way the politics of the time are depicted is a bit too black and white. The Spanish look grim and are dressed in dark colors. They are portrayed as crazy, religious zealots. Spain had a right to be upset at English privateers / pirates who attacked their ships and stole their gold. Mary, Queen of Scots is shown as a dowdy, schemer who disliked Elizabeth. The reality was that Mary was a pretty bimbo who made bad choices when it came to men.

Parts of the film veer too much towards soap-opera. Sir Walter Raleigh (Clive Owen)becomes a favorite, but when Bess Throckmorton, one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting and Raleigh get secretly married, Elizabeth becomes jealous and behaves badly. Later, Raleigh and Francis Drake are shown defeating the Spanish at sea. In reality Raleigh was looking after the coastal defenses in the South West of England and didn't marry Throckmorton until 1591. The real Raleigh was a brilliant man: soldier, explorer, writer, poet and courtier and probably deserves his own film. The film is good fun but it's simplistic, cartoon history.

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Imdb rating: 6.9
Musician: Craig Armstrong
Running time: 114 min / Canada
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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